Primary school kids to be fed insects as an eco-friendly ‘alternative protein’ by TheRealPanzer in Wales

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When they start trying to feed people bugs you know the food is running out.

South Wales Thought Police Strike Again by jet199 in Wales

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Well then the new Prince of Wales should do something about it.

Man kills woman and then walks past her waiting mother by jet199 in Wales

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What’s with women and going out? Night clubs and bars. Maybe I’m autistic, but I’ll never get why.

Winner Winner, Cockle Dinner. According to a New Survey, Cardiff Ranks Highest for Risk of Catching an STI like Gonorrhea or Chlamydia More than any Other British City. by Stankmango in Wales

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that's coz all the birds I bang down chippy alley

Cardiff's Spillers Records, the Oldest Record Shop in the World, has Banned Morrissey Sales because he Wore a For Britain Pin Badge by Stankmango in Wales

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Never find anything decent in there anyway. I can get all the records I want from HMV, cunts.