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I think the comments are already insensitive and lurid. It’s not an appropriate place for happy face emojis. I’m interested in injuries and why they happen and what would prevent them Plus, to be honest, there is some morbid curiosity as well. However the callous comments and insults hurled at the deceased are grotesque.

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Yes, please. Traumatized by bestgore comments. I also find the laughing face and idea bubble "insightful or fun" upvote/downvote buttons here fairly off-putting, as well as confusing, but I'm new to saidit as of today and not sure if that is sitewide and unchangeable.

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Yea, in my opinion, one of the only things separating us from sites like liveleak and best gore, is that things haven’t gone completely off the deep end when it comes to community. This community is not too far off from our old WPD community. I’m not too informed on how things run around here, but I’m hoping we can keep ithings relatively civil, and not turn the comment section into an edgelord circlejerk like bestgore.

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I second this notion. I do miss the 2015 wpd reddit Sub but that was bound to happen cause it was turning into Bestgore. Im with oceanpacific, i come here for the injury/morbid curiosity part.