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I appreciated it and I hope the rest of SaidIt does too.

If you go to your stylesheet and do a search for "left: -142px;" you can adjust the "comments" button above that is too far left. I recommend trying "left: -102px;" to start. "WPDTalk" is much shorter than "WatchPeopleDie" in the line above it.

If you want a new banner image more specific to this sub just lemme know.

I don't know if there are other communities like this where this might apply, but maybe this might interest you: /s/SaidItSurveys/wiki/drafts#wiki_multi-issue

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I think it's pretty easy for anyone who might have an issue with us to just not look at the sub. The name is quite clear. We had a pretty massive amount of support across all of reddit, believe it or not. Also, I'm pretty good at making banners and CSS is easy. I have a TON of stuff I have to do right now though. Writeups for WPD project, I'm doing Chris Chan Christory Month in r/cringetopia and have to write addendums, and I'm doing the CSS in r/tiktokcringe.

You don't mind if I snag s/cringetopia do you? I can't seem to make it. Must be locked because I just made this one.

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On SaidIt you can only make 1 sub per week.

Unless someone beat you to it, Cringetopia is all yours. Sounds cringeworthy.

If it's disturbing, I ask as a concerned SaidItron (I'm trying to make that term popular, to little success) that you make it evident in the banner and turn off thumbnails as WPD did. The name is pretty good but some people click by accident.