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I agree, the mods are being retarded niggers.

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Found the faggot.

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Believe it or not, much racism has some very valid points. I certainly don't buy into most of them, but racism can be a valid point of view stemming from very legitimate issues. This is not to conflate it with name-calling asstrollery and those buffoons IMO should be put down.

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There's racism and then there's unfounded prejudice. There is nothing wrong with the former, nigger.

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Man, what is with people and their need to control the speech of others?

Racism = Prejudice + Power. Therefore black people can be prejudiced but can't be racist towards whites because they haven't held any power.

My sister in law said this once and I replied "so the only thing keeping them from being racist is their lack of power? Isn't that a good reason to try and keep them from having power? Because then they'd be racist."