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This woman is a well known racist. Her Twitter account is overflowing with racist content. And Twitter do nothing.

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of course jfl twatter is a far left site its only racism if it is against non whites! in twatter of course

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Someone should respond on Twitter and ask if she thinks that MLK would approve of her message.

I think it would be difficult for the SJWs to justifiably attack MLK's legacy.

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This new anti-toothpaste campaign is weird man.

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Their definition of whiteness might differ from yours. They very well might mean whiteness as nationalism or racism. Just like when actual feminists are talking about wage gap they are talking about the part of the wage gap that is artificially created by prejudice and not about the part of the wage gap that is created by the fact that some professions are full of man for a very logical reasons and paid more cause they are dangerous.

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Don't defend the sjw you know what they are doing. Besides why can't whites have nationalism? Why bend over backwards for civic nationalism and rapefugees, and non la raca when muslims can have their own ethnostate in Mecca? Why can't we defend our borders when in third world african countries anyone who trespasses on the borders is shot to death by border patrol guards.

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Why should i allow families that run away from their countries being fucking obliterated by my military and extremists (some of which are also sponsored by my government) into my country if sandpeople are free to not allow them into their country?

Miss me with the whataboutism.

Edit: oh, also forgot:

Don't defend the sjw you know what they are doing.

No, not really. I just try to see things as they are instead of creating countless conspiracy theories. Because i think "people fucking up cause they are stupid" is much more reasonable explanation then "there is lizard people controlling everything".

And in this case i'd like to play a devils advocate cause i know you yankees love inventing some stupid ass terms and then misunderstanding them. Half of the time when there is a "left" vs "right" debate you people use the same terms but different definitions.