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An optional input form with 1 or 3 or 5 (or whatever number you like) - where you can post "additional sources" to your main OP? That way linked images can accurately convey this "source"? (not so necessary for text posts, only for link posts)

[–]magnora7 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

Yeah that's a great idea. We've long wanted a way to build a repository of sources for each post itself, that'd be really helpful. Comments can do that too, but to have some sort of formalized way to do it seems like it would be helpful.

[–]Vigte 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

It's just for the link posts - since it doesn't let you add any context, regardless of it being a news story or a meme.

It would be best if the context was at the top and not buried in the comments.

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Yeah I agree, it could be right under the title.