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Ole seems like a really good guy - glad to see other people are sick of it and not going to take it anymore!

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I like Ole generally too. I don't like his "love and light" prayer crap and I'm not a fan of his self promoting "Dammegarding" thing but it's not the worst. I don't like it when he stretches the clues a little too far.

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Me either, I REALLY distrust the whole "love and light" thing - it just REEKS of new agey theosophy/etc

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It may be a strategy of cloaking himself in pacifism to make him less of a target.

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00:29:16 secs are NOT the same persons. Disinformation agents post this and these videos are still on YouTube whilst all the authentic research done by namesnotmary and others are censored. Again, she was doxxed and harrassed but exposed for well over two years all the inner workings of Sandy Hook and their financial records, shady hush money with general electric, etc., all gone. But this disinformation is left up on YouTube for a very good reason and I think we all know why.

Yes, metabunk is a shill website BUT conspiracy theorist shills work with conspiracy theory debunkers. Create an easily debunkable theory. Make it go viral, have the debunkers debunk it, therefore reducing credibility of real researchers and research.

If you think it isn’t him. Type in Sandy hook Bill Aldenberg local news report and you’ll see it is him, even though he doesn’t know how to hold a firearm the right way. It is not crisis actor and regular actor David Wheeler. Either Ole is blind or he is deliberately spreading disinfo. I think it might be the latter.

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Has that namesnotmary content been archived somewhere? I'd like to see it. Also maybe put some on /u/d3rr 's /s/DownTheMemoryHole PeerTube.