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This bill was introduced 1/3/19, passed the house 1/10/19. Still has to pass the senate.

But, really? A bill to protect diplomats from surveillance through devices, but no legislation to protect citizens from big brother (at least I couldn't find any, please post if it exists). Congress sucks.

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Totally sick of this "rules for thee, not for me" shit!

What do you think we can do about it though? One set of rules for a "human being" (regardless of position/status etc) - maybe another simplified set of rules regarding corporate spying?

Very complicated issue :\

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I suggest any perk, pass, or privilege that gets granted to govt members must automatically and equally be granted to The People without exception.

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As far as what we can do about's a "trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube" scenario now. Any type of surveillance shouldn't be there in the first place. But, as long as the population continues to use apps and agree to location enabling, it may be beyond fixing. Making rules after the fact will exclude some person or entity, and with so much collusion between lawmakers and corporations I think privacy will now always be exploited. Stop using smartphones is all I've got at the moment.

On a tangent, I strongly feel "we the people" need to watch what congress is doing more closely. Proposed laws and resolutions are posted, and while some are lengthy maybe it's worth the time to read and interpret them for ourselves instead of relying on media to do it for us. Forming a group to do this may work, as no one has the time to read everything.

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Get a VPN is my only recommendation. Nord VPN allows you to put it on up to 5 devices IIRC. But yeah there really is no recourse. Gov't sucks, and meanwhile everyone is talking about how a white kid who smirked is the fucking center piece hallmark of what's wrong with our country.