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To be fair, the US military has plans for every possible contingency in place, probably including invading Canada, eh.

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I don't believe the US has a plan to overthrow the current Canadian government. The US is supposedly working on a basis that somehow Guido is an interim president because he declared himself so. A plan for a coup flys in the face of that premise.

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My point was the the US military always has plans that cover every contingency for every country. The plans are adjusted as needed. You don't stay on top by losing a step.

Of course the US is not going into Canada. We're buddies.

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I don't believe the US has a specific plan for a coup in every country similar to or to the extent of the plan detailed in the OP.

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The Joint Army and Navy Board began doing this in the 1920's. I see no reason to believe that today's military is not fully prepared for any scenario. They would pull up a plan and adjust as needed based on conditions at that moment.