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This is a really, really good read. Scratch that, this is really good journalism. Maybe the most insightful thing I've ever come across on r/conspiracy, and from a mod no less. Definitely deserves a cross-post to s/conspiracy. I'm a little suspicious that it hasn't been memory-holed though.

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Interesting stuff, the "opposition" has been around for a long time.

This association shows that the Otpor/CANVAS folks were utilizing their non-violent strategies popularized and written about by Gene Sharp in Venezuela, and, just like in Serbia, have spent their political capital to get themselves elected to the National Assembly, obtain an opposition majority, and ultimately declare one of their own interim President and have it stick. President Maduro may have seen this coming, and has established a parallel legislative body and judicial system in the process, actually helping make the argument of his legitimacy (or lack thereof).