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I agree to stay out of Venezuela. But I also disagree with this false equivalency. The "Syrian rebels", as the media used to refer to them back when they were trying to get everyone to go along with this, were already REALLY bad guys. Same with Libya. There was a website, I think it got taken down, but it was like or something that was up when this whole thing was first kicking off... It showed these guys on video doing horrific things, sawing off live people's heads with a knife, lots of executions, raping, etc.

In Venezuela, there are no significant terrorist groups (unless you count some pretty horrific acts by the government). Certainly there is crime, but that's done for money rather than bloodlust, and those people don't care who wins in any conflict that doesn't directly involve them.

But here's the thing, and this is why our involvement in Venezuela will not be like Syria. WE DO NOT ARM MODERATES. We will not be sending guns to people who aren't killers. We armed the Syrians BECAUSE of their violent proclivities, not despite them.

For Venezuela, the playbook would much more closely resemble Iraq (as in, invasion). But that's not going to happen under Trump I think. He seems to have a distaste for war, unlike his predecessors.

But no amount of aid or intervention is going to help the Venezuelans. To accept outside intervention is to surrender their fate to the will of their rescuers. What they need is a hard turn to capitalism through a sale of state assets and change of laws. And that's not going to happen until Maduro is gone, and Maduro is not leaving without intervention, so..... Assassination maybe? I don't know. It's really a sad situation.

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The whole mess is being orchestrated by the CIA, both in Syria and Venezuela, and Libya. The CIA was arming and funding ISIS, aka the Syrian rebels, "rebelling" against Assad.

If the US "aid" gets into Venezuela it will be to arm the factions there cooperating with the CIA - much the same as happened in Chile and Argentina in the 1970s.

LOL What is a "moderate" rebel?

I dunno man. They softened Iraq up for a decade between conflicts with lots of evil sanctions between the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Trump wants that black gold and to "just take it".

Venezuela is already taking lots of aid from lots of countries other than the USA and it's minions.

Many think Chavez was poisoned so it's not out of the realm of possibilities. They tried to get Castro for decades. I suspect it's a waiting game.