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Universal health care? No more. Democracy? No more.

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We never had a real democratic state. Voting for corporate-backed candidate A, B or C every four years and having those elected officials pass laws without public consultation is a very weak form of democracy. It's an illusion like our so-called 'rights and freedoms' that can be taken away on a whim under the guise of safety and security.We need a great reset but not Schwab and WEF'S.

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I completely agree. But even the APPEARANCE of democracy is coming off with this shit.

As for a true RESET, I don't see how it could be achieved without violence, and THAT is exactly what they are looking for, as it lets them call in the army, impose martial law, and really go hard on the tyranny, right out in the open for everyone to see. I don't want that either.

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Catch 22.

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This is the kind of shit that the conspiracy community has been warning about for decades now. It’s all fun and games till they turn their sights on you.

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It's all coming to fruition and not enough people are paying attention.

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They are not paying attention because they are drugged up with fluoride. They have full time jobs. They are not interested in keeping up with science, and as long as their team wins, that’s fine.

Half of republicans welcome authoritarianism. They love government over reach. And they would only be happy if the government figured out more ways to duck with people.

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I am shocked at all these politicians that seem bent on political suicide. We have a big election the end of this year and the ruling Democrats are going to get their asses handed to them no matter how much they stuff the ballot box.