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The seasonal farmworkers were on their way early in the morning to harvest watermelon

I'm sorry that people willing to do honest work were injured and killed.

Smoking pot oil.... I didn't realize that was a thing. I see other drugs were involved, also, like prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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Smoking pot oil.... I didn't realize that was a thing

Well, you vape it. It's very convienient, doesn't smell nearly as strong.

They said there were two anti-seizure drugs, possibly a benzo and something like gabapentin. And the guy is on methadone but not sure he had taken that yet.

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He told an investigator that he had crashed his mother’s car into a tree while avoiding an animal a few days earlier, and that on Monday night he had taken two anti-seizure drugs and medication for high blood pressure in addition to smoking marijuana oil. He said he woke up about five hours later and was driving to a methadone clinic where he receives daily medication for a chipped vertebrae, according to the affidavit.

Howard then failed several sobriety tests and was arrested, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Responding to a judge by teleconference from jail on Wednesday, Howard said he's a self-employed painter and drywall installer with $700 in the bank, no other assets and no dependents. Howard’s head was bandaged and he wore a protective gown typically given to inmates on suicide watch. The judge denied bond, appointed a public defender and set his next court appearance for next month.

Howard’s parents did not immediately respond to a Wednesday phone message seeking comment, and the Marion County public defender’s office declined comment.

Marion County court records show Howard has had at least three crashes and numerous traffic tickets dating back to 2006, including one citation for crossing the center line. His license has been suspended at least three times, the latest in 2021 for getting too many citations within a year. In 2013, he was convicted of grand theft. A year later, his probation was revoked after he tested positive for cocaine.

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Florida man killed a few illegals? An unfortunate loss of life. Those Mexicans would still be alive, if they never entered the country illegally.