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Seven Republicans have now voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker.

Assuming all Democrats vote for his ouster, McCarthy is on track to become the first House speaker in American history ejected from the job.

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Kevin McCarthy removed as speaker of the House

California Republican Kevin McCarthy has become the first speaker of the House forced out of the job in US history, after a rebellion by far-right Republicans that was aided by Democrats and fueled by frustration over his approach to government spending and negotiating with Joe Biden.

The final vote tally was 216 in favor and 210 against.

North Carolina's Patrick McHenry takes over a temporary House speaker

North Carolina Republican Patrick McHenry has taken over as House speaker pro tempore following Kevin McCarthy’s removal from the leadership role in Congress’s lower chamber moments ago.

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Good. Although why did Democrats want this when they had someone who would play soft with Biden?

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Some possible reasons:

McCarthy’s actions on Jan 6, his trip to Mar a Lago, his attempt to discredit the Jan 6 Cmte, his reneging on debt limit deal and his actions this weekend are all the reasons