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Ten minutes was all I could take of "We demand" and "...must be punished." Mr. Chutzpah Incarnate was too much for me. And never forget the alleged Synagogue Shooting.

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This is the Fox News article in the screenshot. Much as I dislike Fox News, better to read that article than watch this video.

I don't really see why you posted this in /s/USIsrael, considering that it's about Florida and not Israel. Unless you're trying to hint that any laws prohibiting racism against a minority group are secretly evil plots by countries where that minority is a majority – and I hadn't placed you as the sort of person who'd believe that.

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I never comment on any articles unless I read them. You shouldn't either.

Don't comment on ANY of my videos unless you actually watch them. And never tell anyone not to watch any video, mine or otherwise due to a screenshot. Further, that article was an example of propaganda bullshit that you're saying is "better."

Fuck dude.

This admittedly tedious video is 1h25m30s long. Do you think he only spoke about the one article in the screenshot?

Florida is in the USA. Those laws are going to get adopted NATION WIDE. I'm not trying to hint anything. The fucking video states it, repeatedly, ad nauseam. As do all his other videos with other details.

Zionists control Hollywood, Washington, and Wall Street. How can you NOT believe that their minority is controlling the majority.

Hell, government officials are always passing unpopular laws. There are a LOT more citizens than the minority of government workers. How do you not see how this all fucking works? Just as there were more slaves than slave masters. It's all a fucking scam. Don't be dense.

Minority groups DO control everything.

They are the /s/RulingClass, /s/Billionaires, /s/Geopolitics, /s/WarWatch, Royals, elites, technocracy, corporatocracy, globalists, etc. and they do not have any of our interests in mind. They are collapsing the west intentionally, economically and the means of production, and they are behind all the lies in their media, and poisons in their policies, lack of health care, vaccines, 5G, geoengineering, social engineering, corruption, wars, etc etc etc.

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I actually did flick through this one for once. It didn't sound extremely consistent, and jumped a lot of inductive steps, not all of which I could fill in.

I only watched about five minutes total, though, so it's possible I coincidentally only got summaries of previous arguments.