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All this triple-posting is really spamming up the /new queue. I think it also causes people to ignore what you're posting because it looks like spam. I tbh don't think it's productive or useful

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I thought you said it was okay. I only doubled or tripled where the post fit under multiple topics so when you get the cross-posting thing active these will get consolidated into one post while listed under the others too. Essentially I was preemptively metatagging in a way. Or that was my intention anyway.

I just figured folks would move on through the lists as I do. Was there complaint?

I don't want to be counterproductive. And I don't want to draw further drama so I'll just go back to single posts like I did before you explained multiples to me. Saves me a little time trying to figure out which are what and where. I'll keep the multiples in my back pocket for exceptional important posts that happen to straddle issues.

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It is okay, I just am giving you pointers on what typical style is on reddit-like sites since you've never used one before. Saidit is more of a "front page of the newspaper" type of place than a "permanent repository of all human knowledge" type of place, just because of the software design. We'd like to bring forward the wikipedia aspect of things more, but that would require future site redesigns.

I'll keep the multiples in my back pocket for exceptional important posts that happen to straddle issues.

That sounds perfect, that's the exact right time to crosspost something multiple times if you feel the need to, and that's exactly the scenario in which I'll crosspost sometimes too. But not everyday 10 times a day :)

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I get carried away. OCD compulsions have their pros and cons.

Reorganize your closet 15 times and you've got a great closet but you've ignored the laundry for too long.

Obessing over details can make for a good animator though.

If only there wasn't so much good stuff on SaidIt. The Interwebs is like DisneyWorld for truthers.

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I totally understand! Perfection in one area causes failure in another area, it's one of the many paradoxes of life. Life is forever a learning process.

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Life is forever a hoarding process.

Resources, knowledge, happiness, regrets, shit...