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The people in a position to disclose could have done it long before TTSA and deLonge if they wanted.

Saying that the current dripclose isn't fast enough so people should focus on one of the guys who've held his mouth shut up until now seems fruitless.

As a seemingly former advisor of deLonge he seems to have done what he thinks is enough (or what his bosses has told him to disclose as a limited hangout).

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The situation is far weirder than anyone has any idea. How would I know? I don't. But the effort expended upon study really can give a sense of just how bizarre things are and can be. The military have not been our friends, they care and support the wealthy controllers. Something is going to happen.

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The situation is far weirder than anyone has any idea.

I agree 100%, but the mechanisms for keeping the secret is clear as day to me. And it won't change and let go of the narrative sans a catastrophe like leaks or storming A51 actually succeeding.

So "focusing" on a guy who've proven he can keep a secret is backwards to me.

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definitely definitely yeah