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I'm just not sure about him/the academy. A nice debunk of the go fast video:

But they (and It watched the series they put out) really go hard on the "Oh that's a UFO"-stuff. Like Sure, we don't know WHAT it is, just like if I threw something random from my desk at your head: it would be technically a UFO. Though rigorous analysis is never done (like in my linked article). It's just some dudes watching it and assuming a whole bunch without trying to get more data except for f*gging with the video settings (but not reading the data on display)...

Yes the Military doesn't know what it is, though aliens is a (De)Long with these videos...

Hit us with that zero-G material, or that 'super-metal' still waiting after 36 months...

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I think TTSA's bunk. Toms bunk too. But my entire life i've been trying to talk about this shit without being laughed at. He and they have changed that, admittedly. I'm conflicted man, on this. Lately I've been feeling a 30 year vindication that's culminating as an actual high. They will use it for more control though. It should be a wild ride.

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It should be a wild ride.

Hopefully, because (i think like you) I'm like Mulder: fascinated, but we have to call bull on bull.