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Joe calling bullshit on skeptics is bullshit.

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Yes, the way he does it: it's bullshit.

Though he does have a point when you look at web-skeptics, random people 'debunking' stuff for the wrong reasons...

Also he had an interview with Graham Hancock (or something) and a skeptic, and Graham owned that Skeptic pretty hard because the 'skeptic' was just misinformed and really twisting the words of haycock. So I think his 'feeling' with what he said was true, there are enough shitheads out there with the 'science says that is not true' while science does not say that at all, but their highschool education didn't taught them that.

But yeah, in this story it would have been way cooler if he would have brought in someone on bodylanguage who could press on thigs when she/he would sense Bob would get iffy (aka Oh I have an headache, let's DRINK SOME MORE ALCOHOL) [Though that was a nice trick of Joe to loosen it all up, great way to try to make bob slip up more/definite]

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I'd rather have skeptic wars than stupid wars.

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Hmm, but 'skeptic' (and stupid for that matter) aren't a thing as solid as a (for example) Dr. degree.

So most of the skeptic wars are stupid v.s. stupid, some skeptic v.s. stupid and like 1% skeptic v.s. skeptic if your source is Youtube. Peer-reviews are mostly skeptic v.s. skeptic though ;)

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I debated responding in kind to your well stated long spiel above.

Instead I opted for the simple and vague statement. "Stupid wars" could mean idiotic arguments, Hegelian dialectics, or refer to the global violence. Also Star Wars and movies, always about violence, have gone SJW which is stupid too.

If it's smart guy debunking stupid guy that's better than not. And if someone wants do "debunking-debunking-debunking-debunking what that guy said" videos, power to them.