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We stopped talking about it because we can't always identify flying objects. Fortunately reports of ufo's sightings dropped drastically with the onset of modern camera phones. And with the final series of the x files being aired. Probably because they are easier to identify with clear footage. If you want my opinion about alien life visiting this planet. I don't think they have. I'm certain alien life exists possibly even in our solar system as primitive cells. Complex life probably fairly common in the galaxy. Intelligent life pretty rare. Are they flying in our sky's sticking probes in our asses. I don't think so.

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The "they", "it", "the something", "the phenomenon", the eternal omnipotent force of creation and energy continues its laughable charade of drama and extortion on an unwitting populace of arrogant hubris. Further into the labyrinth of illusion and deception we go, almost daily at this point with the evidence mounting in ways no one will want to consider. With our information technology sharing capabilities the excuses are faltering as across many disciplines there are a plethora of clues than can be assembled like an enormous jigsaw puzzle. Just what is this final picture? How can it reflect on each of us as individuals? Will mankind possess the inner fortitude to admit error and rectify mistakes? Are you, personally, doing enough or what's necessary to interpret and respond to the deeper matters present? This will certainly be a challenge for some of us.

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You sound like a deeply troubled drunken homeless writer that forgot the point he was making half way through a sentence what relevance does this have to people's reluctance to talk about objects that we can't identify?

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You sound like a regular, headline judging, non-article-reading blockhead. Read the fuckin article and try again there brightside.