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Though the guy seems a little sketchy in how he answers things, can't say anything real substantial or verifiable...

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I'll give this at least 10 minutes to entertain me. Not a believer.

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Yeah this guy is sketchy, but I really like the style of the interviewer, just let him spew his stuff, people make up there own mind :)

Recommend the podcast THC, just skim for the topics you like.

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You are aware though, despite whether or not you, or anyone else, has or doesn't have any belief, the phenomenon exists.

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I accept that unidentified flying objects are real phenomena. I've seen flying objects in the distant sky which didn't move like planes or birds, and I was unable to identify them. I'm skeptical of any claim of non-human intelligences of extraterrestrial origin, and treat them as fiction at best and delusion at worst.

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Are you 100% certain with no doubt, absolutely positive in your convictions that there is no middle ground, no remaining discovery, without question or pause for reflection or wisdom gained through insight and experience that there is no non-human intelligence present, unless it is fiction or delusion? I'd appreciate your statements on this very much.

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I can't be 100% certain. I'm also not 100% certain that Azathoth isn't at the center of the universe sleeping in a cloud of cosmic vapors while mad pipers play. I haven't yet been presented with sufficient evidence to persuade me to believe there are such.

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Thanks, that makes a lot of sense