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Uploader grew up in the northeast of usa where his views are kinda skewed with a narrow scope of seeing things from an anglo perspective. The late rise of amwf in his area outnumbering wmaf, makes him believe it's a recent phenomenon. Not really. The reality is that amwf has always outnumbered wmaf, in both quantities and quality which are most obvious.

Eastern europe for example, has amwf relationships been continuing for generations like almost forever. Lol. No further commentary needed to people who knows the history of migrations and genetic imprints that changs brought on that part of the world since time immemorial up to the soviet era and the current post-coldwar-exsoviet era.

As with latin america, yeah it's true that the majority of latin american populations are mixed euro and native american mutts, although countries of latin america also have many people that are of full northern european, full southern european, and full western european descent, just like in usa or canada. Guess which "race" of diaspora dudes those full diaspora euro women "interracially" date and marry the most?? Yup, changs aka golden dudes.

Those two territories had more amwf than all the wmaf could muster within their whole western turf. Amwf also happened in anglo five eyes themselves besides other countries inside the proper west (eupedonato and north america) throughout the last two and a half centuries. Lol. Add these up, it's brutal goldpill obliteration for mayocels.

All this said, it's a cool video that would make mayocels definitely rope or shoot a bullet through their medulla oblongata. I give the uploader a high five and give respect to him as he exposed the retardedness of the incelsphere.

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actually its more like WMAF has been catching up to AMWF in the last 20 years

im from a huge massive enclave and i literally knew like 20 AMWF hapas vs 1 WMAF hapa

i didnt even think that anyone but asian guys could get laid for a long time. im being deadass. this was just my perspective before being goldpilled, i just assume non-asian guys didnt get women. i was maybe 22 when i began to realize a lot of non asian guys thought they had to be rich and / or approach women.

and now after meetin asian bitches im starting to see how this may be true

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No doubt. I'm with you.