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I just don't get it. Can someone explain me the male-brained logic here? I think this creepy nutcase is perfectly aware he looks nothing like a woman, so does he just get off on forcing people to pretend he looks like one? Or is he that mentally unstable he genuinely thinks he looks good?

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He has brainrot from looking at himself through filters and avatars, and getting told he was cute and breedable in Troon echo chambers. It's a reverse body dysmorphia.

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Notice how each photo he looks like he's trying to recreate some porno character.

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Body dysmorphia can actually work in the other end of the spectrum. Reverse Body Dysmoria Disorder. I think that he’s been gassed up by a community known for gassing up people already dealing with some delusion, to convince themselves they’re actually pretty pretty princesses, and not particularly ugly water buffalo crammed into anime porn outfits.

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No woman who looked like that would dare think she was cute or demand validation. The male entitlement is strong in that one.

I first thought that 'sired' was a breeding fetish reference.

Once upon a time I used to really fancy guys with long hair. Now I have to assume they're troons.

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Word of advice, ignore wylanderuk's comment. He's just a very unstable incel who spends his time ree'ing at women (even when it's threads that have nothing to do with women).

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Says the degenerate furry that thinks women have no agency, that women committing sexual assault/rape against children is no big thing.

Frankly its the hypocrisy that does my fucking head in.

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No woman who looked like that would dare think she was cute or demand validation.

That is such a retarded reality denying take its actually more deluded than the post in question...

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The first one is great. He appears to be skinwalking Britney from her Hit Me Baby One More Time video, but a version where all her clothes were speed dried and shrank and also Britney was turned into an ugly man.

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Oh, it’s because you’re an ugly man who is pretending to be an even uglier woman! That’s why.

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And yet still not as bad as gorlock the destroyer...You post this shit to like its not something women do...

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Truly, Gorlock is without mercy.

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Shhh... While nobody is looking, we just throw ALL weirdos together. In a SCP Foundation chamber. Nobody will notice, and society will move on.