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Even without circular logic: Someone who generally fulfills social roles of a woman??... What are those roles, and who gets to set them, and if a man does them and doesn't identify as a woman, does he become a woman against his will? Baby sitting is generally thought of as a role young women do. If your son has to look after your baby while you're at work, does he become a woman? After how many baby sitting jobs does his penis fall off and his breasts grow? If society changes and it starts to become manly to look after the kids, will his balls grow back?

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Queer theory is too convoluted for most of its adherents to understand, let alone defend in conversation.

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They always use the tautological nonsense definition because otherwise they would have to acknowledge that they're attracted to a set of parameters specifically designed to sexually appeal to men, which they are, and therefore it isn't a fixed identity or something anyone would intrinsically want to become.

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It's the delivery that makes this. From both sides.

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they do that every time they say "I just wouldn't feel safe in the locker room/bathroom/prison with someone with a penis--would you?"

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His inability to defend his own position is why he was tearing the posters down.