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I guess those are supposed to be her breasts in a bag? Is this shit allowed on cable tv?

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This shit is probably in K-5 schools.

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Unless it's Florida, but then also unless it's the part that Disney owns.

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So apparently that's a woman who transitioned to a "feminine gay man" or something. More details here.

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Hasn't it peaked? I assumed the bud-light boycott was the "peak" to the point corporate entities realized serious backlash could materialize.

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I expect it to kick right back into high gear if Biden is reelected. Hillary had the DNC put the kibosh on tranny issues because it was costing them in the polls.

I was just in Austin this weekend and I've never seen so many trannies before. The concert we went to had a tranny lead singer and ofc there were lots of the rainbow types. Even saw a girl with an open top flaunting her mastectomy scars.

It's a sleeping dragon.

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People paid money to be there and see this. I'll bet some people even clapped.
Don't worry. This, too, shall pass... And those who have mutiliated their bodies like this aren't likely to be providing a new generation.

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Look at this shit and remember the times when witches where burnt at the stake and people cheered. When dissenters were put on the pillory and people threw stuff at them. When children where sacrificed to the gods. When young girls deformed and damaged their bodies with foot-binding or corsets to "look appealing". When men were castrated as kids so they could become high-pitched singers.

Now you see the horror of human society, enhanced by modern technology. We had lived in a prosperous time before and we had forgotten how horrible humanity is.

No, people are NEVER going to peak until we get stable and decently paid jobs, rights, freedom, and order. This horrible Cronenbergian stuff always happens when a society is struggling economically and culturally. Usually it ends with the ruling class getting destroyed and a fresh new order coming, but how are we going to destroy the ruling class now, with the technology they have?

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I don't think our 'struggling society ' is the cause, rather the opposite. Trans people and their 'allies' are overwhelmingly white middle class people. You don't see a trans explosion in, say, South Sudan, where people have real problems. I often wonder how society will shift if we have a natural disaster, say something that wipes out the electrical grid for a lengthy period. I'm guessing a lot of people will stop giving a shit about pronouns.

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Good point.

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It's gonna be fucking wild looking back at footage from this time period in the future. Like I can't even begin to explain chopping your tits off now so with the benefit of hindsight it's going to seem like borderline mass psychosis.

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I always compared it to the White Feather Movement in WWI--18yos basically killed themselves after some bint taunted them with a white feather (note that this doesn't work on NAFO, another phenomenon that'll be inexplicable in 10 years)

that photo of anti-kimono protesters (none of them Japanese) trying to ARGUE with actual Japanese-American kimono-makers might be a good one for 2030s teachers, especially pointing out that instead of some Race Revolution we got a chain of segregationist geezers, not even as a backlash but because they'd voted for them convincing themselves that keeping the races separate and perpetually suspicious was actually radical rather than the pols' oldest trick in the book

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Wow, I had never heard about the white feather movement. One of those moments where I'm glad peer pressure and pack mentality never worked on my loner ass.