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I'm one of those boyfriends. It was tragic, man. Obviously a lot more complex than this, but in about 1.5 years I watched her go from the beautiful woman I had once loved, to deep into the trans rabbithole, to boobs gone, many hormone injections, changed name, all of it. It's actually how I first developed my views on trans stuff, cause before 2020 it was basically unheard of, I got into trans spaces to learn what having a trans partner is like, and the trans community scared me FAR FAR away and I ended up on r/TiA.

I remember the day she was going in for surgery, I wished so badly I could've done something, kept imagining me bursting into the hospital and stopping her, but obviously it was just fantasy. I stayed friends with her through it all for a bunch of reasons, still chat with her sometimes. She's now dating a very overweight guy, got into weed, and has multiple personalities (at least 10). It's absolutely insane to me that society sees her as "better off" than she was before.

Idk man. Rant over, I think I was rambling there a bit too much. I don't believe in true love or soul mates, so I try not to stay hung up on her. It'd be cool to be able to talk to a bunch of guys who's girlfriends ended up transing and hear their stories too.

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Sounds like a total nightmare

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has multiple personalities (at least 10)

So I assume she's a teenager.

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Mid 20s

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Sorry about what you went through. I was lucky enough that no one I've dated flirted with this shit until at least years after I stopped talking to them so I can just laugh at them and their wispy mustaches and child size baseball caps with ♂ on them from a distance. I imagine it's funny to me for the same reason it was hell to you: as ridiculous as it all obviously is, they believe it.

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LMAO, it's like they're looking around saying, "Wait, doesn't anyone believe we change sex? You guys don't believe it either? Whaaaat??"

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Like when a kid realizes their parents were just humoring them by going "where did they go?" when they covered their face to try and disappear

Except, y'know...these people are full grown adults

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Like no duh, genuinely straight dudes aren't gonna be happy about their gf turning into a faux male creature pumped up with testosterone . These people are delusional

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I'm confused. Why would a woman who wants men transition? Is there a variant of AGP for females? I understand why confused lesbians with internalized homophobia would transition, but why straight girls?

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Is there a variant of AGP for females?

The nearest applicable term that I can think of is "fujoshi," which is a Japanese word that (IIRC) roughly means "rotten woman." It's applied to porn-sick girls and women with a M/M fetish.

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The non-binaries mostly seem to be communists. I wonder how much of it is political identity.

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It's kind of funny to see how this plays out. If they stick to the tranny identity, then their straight boyfriends are entirely right to dump them because they're not gay (might even count as a twisted sort FtM validation).

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As usual, the replies are dripping with the typical trans entitlement mentality. “Everyone around me must light themselves on fire to keep me warm”.

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I knew a guy whose boyfriend trooned out and demanded that he (the guy) no longer call himself a gay man.

It didn't last long. Longer than I thought cause the dude in the middle of it was far more lenient with the whole situation than I would have been (In a way, he had his fair share of blame, he was pretty much an enabler - calling him 'she' and whatnot). I'd have dumped his troon ass immediately were I in that situation.

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Also, on top of them not being attracted to men, they're not attracted to mutilated, confused little girls who need a fuckload of therapy just to be able to look at themselves in the mirror.

It's so funny how trans people perpetually reaffirm "transphobic" attitudes towards one another due to the simple fact that deep down we all just instinctively understand it's fucking lunacy. Even the people who are trying to force themselves to think otherwise end up betraying their consciences when it comes to the way they react around other troons.

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I love how she bravely states a fact (your hetero bf will not want to bang/date you once you become a "man" because he's not gay), then bravely fights against it until finally accepting a known fact. Troonism is definitely delusional and that seems to be "hardwired" too.