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"My pronouns are she and her not it.!"

Not with that frame. Could we get the engineering team to swap it's voice model with sassy black bitch voice at least. That would be funnier.

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What is this from, and is it real or a spoof? Because I could believe this is the new Dr Who or something.

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Apparently real, from the show Atlas on Netflix.

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Does this oblation plating make my posterior armor easier to see in a fire fight?


"Runs off and cries".

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Of course Netflix would make something like this

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Someone pitched this idea, and others sat around a table vigorously nodding their approval. How did it ever get this far?

I was driving home from work earlier this week. I do some of my best (or worst, depending on how you want to look at it) thinking in the car. Was ruminating on how despite the outwardly normal appearances of day to day life, we are already living in the dystopian nightmare.

We just aren’t killing each other for food. Instead, we are killing of any last shred of common sense and decency in our society.

Also was thinking how the events of the last few years have really reinforced that most people are dumb sheep who don’t take much convincing to become a mob. They literally do and think whatever their TV’s and social media views tell them to.

And that’s how you end up with pronoun mechs in a Netflix show.

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I figure it's a cheap, straight-to-video B-movie that scraped together cash from wherever they could get it, and adding pronoun rituals probably got them some ESG perks that maybe paid for some of the shitty CGI.