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What horseshit. They just want to have it both ways so they get to be the victim no matter what.

If you require an instruction manual for people to interact with you and will find fault with everyone else no matter how far they bend backwards in order to appease you….maybe the reason people want nothing to do with you is not due to a “phobia” but simply because normal people find you fucking exhausting to deal with.

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maybe the reason people want nothing to do with you is not due to a “phobia” but simply because normal people find you fucking exhausting to deal with.

That was what pushed me over the "peak trans" moment. Actually I had several of those moments hit people I was friends with and 1 or 2 with me. It's like at every opportunity they find some way to make you not want to interact with them.

Unfortunately the friends seemed to end up bowing to the peer pressure and went full cult and i haven't really talked to them anymore. The fact that the cult hurt them in the first place helped push me over the top of the mountain and over time i become less and less interested in appeasing them.

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reminds me of the "gentle suggestion" I saw on here that friends go to a cafe or somewhere before meeting a TQ friend and practice using their new pronouns; and that's on top of the "you shouldn't act like you want a PRIZE for just doing the bare minimum!" ingratitude and the "I don't want overt compliance, I want you to want to think of me this way" ego-tripping

fuckin' unsatisfiable black holes, even if you dedicate your life to someone with no personality other than TQ you're still never more than a replaceable non-player character

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If they weren't victims they'd have no explanation for their misery and nothing to blame their underachievement on except themselves. They need this.

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If you want to debunk this in a microsecond, ask r/MtF if it's transphobic for a "cis girl" to crave ladydick.

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The problem is narcissism. These people don't realize that as long as they hate themselves and keep trying fake identities to convince people to like them that they can never have a normal healthy relationship because the other person will always either be 1) attracted to the fake version of them [a chaser] or 2) in love with the actual them, which runs at odds with their super fake trans persona [a transphobe]. Obviously no one can ever love them "as a trans person" since trans is fake and that identity is phony.

They have set it up so there's no way to win. These people are professional victims.

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I don't care what kind of word salad some fifteen year old queer girl vomits about faggots on Instagram.

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This isn’t new, various identity groups have pulled the same shit. It was ableist to want to date disabled women and ableist to not to. Racist to date Asian/Black/etc women, and racist not to.

It’s not surprising that they’ve used this too.

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Double think

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Funny when it's idpol shit I hear it's ist/phobic to not date them yet in class politics, I never hear any of them say it's classist to not or to date anyone not in your economic class. Idgaf but I grew up mostly upper-lower to lower-middle class.

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Heads they win, tails you lose...Activist SOP no matter the type.

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Things that are transphobic:

  • Dating trans.

  • Not dating trans.

  • Asking trans if they are trans.

  • Not asking trans about their trans-ness.

  • Climate change and environment.

  • ???

  • Profit.

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  • saying you need to be trans to be trans
  • saying anyone can be trans

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Can't even begin to take her seriously. She's clearly a struggling mediocrity doing anything she can to get people to buy her shit. You can even see at the bottom of the book the last controversial approach she tried and failed with.