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Because I don't hate being male - just that being a hot girl would be really awesome/fun.

Once again, the "it's not a fetish" crowd demonstrating quite plainly that it is, in fact, just that.

And his delusional belief that he'd be cute/hot, lol. Bro doesn't understand that the only guys who would fit that description are effectively professional cosplayers, not random Reddit fags who like to beat their shit to fantasies of being a bimbo.

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If it's not a fetish it's at least a silly sexist belief that women have it easier because their lives are all clothes and being cute.

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Women live life on easy mode. That's the whole reason for trannies trying to pass.

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Way more girls troon out these days.

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False. It's like 95% guys

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When you say "transgender women", do you mean "women who are transgender" or "men who identify as women"?

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I was quoting the article. But "trans woman" = man.

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Fake news

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I get to look pretty (hopefully, it well could not happen) I get to wear clothes I like (this is certain)

It's amazing how this person doesn't seem to understand, that if they aren't cute enough to wear a skirt now, using chems isn't going to change that.

It also feels a bit vain and hedonistic to go through all this to be pretty. Perhaps I should just suck it up? Sit tight for the next 80 years, and drown out the noise with work and a wife?

Is this a god damn joke?

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Lol. Love the top comment: "You sound so superficial. You don't transition for the clothes, you do it for the sexual gratification".

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Lol at the top comment:

I chose to instead give up that life to become what is currently one of the most hated and disrespected/disregarded demographics on the planet, being a Lesbian Transwoman, I could only really make it harder on myself if I was a PoC in my country.

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Mildly (but pleasantly) surprised people are actually trying to talk some sense into him.

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I don't think they're talking sense as much as they're trying to dissuade him from saying the quiet part loud - that it's a lifestyle choice pursued for convenience.

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Hmm, I suppose there's an element of that.

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OP may have a fetish but he sounds quite rational and honest to me. That's why the comments need to push back.

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Sure he seems rational. But he seems to need a great deal of external assurance just to come to conclusions. It's like watching a full grown man use buildings blocks to compute simple math. Why can't modern men simply internalize this conversation? Why aren't people like this able to come to conclusions on their own?

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He has a fetish but he also has a sense of shame and a social life worth maintaining, so he has options to weigh, unlike the loser brigade below him who have long since abandoned any hope of self-respect for the coom.

So many responses going "I'd rather be an ugly woman than a pretty man". Bro you're gonna die as neither.

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Recently reread The Silence of the Lambs and I gotta tell ya, they used to do the whole transformer thing diff in America. The way they catch Jame Gumb in the book is, they poll Trans surgery clinics all across the country to find weirdo belligerants who fail the battery of psychological tests because they're not really trans, theyre just nuts! So they used to have actual standards, stringent standards about the people they would let transition surgically because there are too many other weirdo reasons to chop your junk off. I wonder when they got rid of these policies. Now-a-days, if you don't let your children transition youre in trouble it seems 🤷‍♂️

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Don't do it xoenix!

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A one two three four, one Yeah OK Don't do it Don't you try it baby Don't do that Don't, don't, don't Don't do that You got a good thing going now Don't do it, don't do it, don't Don't transition Nobody's worth it Don't transition Nobody cares Don't transition You're just gonna hate it Don't transition Nobody gives a damn So you think it's the easy way out Think you're gonna slice your dick off this time Baby, when you do it all you do is get fake tits Don't do that Try try try baby Don't do that, You got a good thing going now Don't do it, don't do it, don't Don't transition Nobody's worth it Don't transition Nobody cares Don't transition You're just gonna hate it Don't transition Nobody gives a damn You need help Look at yourself you need help You need life So don't hang yourself It's OK, OK, OK, OK You just can't be a prick teaser all of the time Don't transition Nobody's worth it Don't transition Nobody cares Don't transition You're just gonna hate it Don't transition Nobody gives, nobody cares Nobody gives a damn OK

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I would just go back to cutting myself. The rides almost over.

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So much self-hatred in the replies.

Like the BEST answer you get that isn't an obfuscated version of "I'm a pervert" is an obfuscated version of "I have internalized male hatred from birth and think all these stereotypical things of men which I convinced myself I was rid of when I took some drugs that shrunk my peepee"

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I think being an android ninja sounds like it would be fun and exciting. I'm not one, and no amount of mechanical limbs would make me one. By this logic, am I Tranroid-ninja?

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Bless your heart.