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These kids are saying the litterbox rumours are true. How much longer til "litterboxes for furries in school is a Good Thing."

Interesting thread on why Utah of all places is in so deep with gender woo.

Edit: Here's a counter-story. The furry/litterboxes in schools may yet remain an urban legend.

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I've got my own theory on this. Came after I heard some older relatives freaking out about a year or two back about the new thing "furries".

Now of course for anyone who spent any time online in the last 30 years to be spared the horror of knowing about furries is laughable, but a lot of these older people basically didn't spend any time online in the last 30 years and only started once the smartphones rolled out. So they get exposed to it and think it's a new thing. Now for course I can't say anything about this other than nod and express surprise or disagreement at it, because dare I go and say "oh yeah those people have been online forever" it's almost always going to be followed up with suspicion and accusations thrown towards you, because naturally how would anyone know about this unless they were a furry?

So more conservative areas like Utah, I think are more susceptible to it for a number of reasons. One, conservative culture tends to be more puritan and sexually repressed, which I think tends to "breed" more crazy people going into dark corners of the internet and finding weird little niches, rather than just being slightly more open and gently nudged away from the weird, the get good at hiding everything and there's no social dynamic to stop their descent into madness unless it hits a point where it can't be hidden anymore and they have no choice but to fully embrace the weird identity publicly as that is now the only social group that will take them.

Second it's basically taboo to discuss these sorts of things at all. At least from any point of intelligence. Anything of any sort of sexual nature in conservative circles is essentially a taboo subject unless it's simply condemning something that the reactionaries have reacted to already and is socially safe to condemn. As such they're almost totally blind to these weird subcultures and potential groups and basically know fuck all nothing about them.

Cue in teenage rebellion, jokesters and the like, who think it's hilarious to watch a bunch of Mormon women freaking out about litter boxes (because it is hilarious) and having nobody in the picture to reign in the hysteria because it's social suicide to say "Oh I know what furries are, they're an Internet subculture that has existed for decades, this is likely a joke".

Conservative Christian groups tend to take the story of Adam and Eve in the garden and glean from it a lesson that obtaining knowledge is itself a sin, instead they value blind Innocence. It's a very stupid position, as man is already a fallen race which has lost its Innocence, one is simply allowing themselves to be blind to existing evil should they choose not to attempt to understand it, or to learn about how it operates, this is one reason why conservative groups often lose out in cultural battles even if they have a strong position on some issues, they prefer to be reactionary and sit around and only take action after some perceived threat has become such a problem that it is visible to them, rather than proactively seek out and learn about as much of the world as they can so that threats can be known and identified, and neutralized before they become problems, often by far less involved and far less unpleasant means than what later interventions require. It's one of the reasons I'm very critical of soft language. It allows for the problematically innocent to participate in government and decision making to the disadvantage of larger society. If you get offended at words like "lame" instead of "mobility challenged" then you really should have no fucking place in adult circles. We can't discuss the actual problem without dancing around a bunch of dumb holdups, meaning we can't actually discuss how we are going to help people who are lame get as full of access to society as possible.

And we can't discuss furries often dressing up as children's characters and creating sexually suggestive content as a potential threat to children or their own development because some overly sensitive hag is going to shut that down and insist we only talk about nice things. Leaving the threat unknown, undiscussed, and present, with a newfound confidence that it can persist safe from criticism.

This then leaves the only people who knows about it on the fringes, and gives way to the extremes. And no intelligent conversation can be had.

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I would agree with your theories. When I saw this was happening in Utah I had many of the same thoughts.

And I had to think back and you're right, it's roughly been 30 years. I can't believe it's been that long already. I remember finding out about them on a small gaming community message board I belonged to circa maybe 1998. A user made a post that was like "Check this out there's a whole group of people that like to dress up as Disney animals and fuck stuffed animals and sometimes even real animals and have orgies with each other."

Mind you the Internet was new to me (and most people) so I was still a sweet summer child who hadn't been exposed to the horrors yet. So when I learned about the furries and their habits I was shocked and hadn't seen anything so fucking weird, depraved, and crazy all at the same time. But that led me down a rabbit hole of curiosity of discovering all of the insane people and lifestyles the internet had to offer and I've never really been the same since.

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and there's been a reaction on the lefter side of politics against "smolbeanism" or "safetyism" (the "soft language" you mentioned): not because it leaves people spineless and unable to draw a line in the sand, but because it lets them be vicious little shits with full social-media and institutional backing; it's like how mass victimization can just make a group themselves collective perpetrators, seeking blood atonement from everyone BUT their old oppressor (Americo-Liberians, Afrikaners, Hutu, Serbs, and, uh ...)

Ana Mardoll sort of broke the dam, a trans man who always presented as female to lure people into the sin of "misgendering" and then orgasm as a personal army shredded the crybullying victim, then they discovered Mardoll designed incubator-seeking munitions and it was all over

(also rewriting the high-school classic "The Lady and the Tiger" to have a GOOD ending where the protagonist gets the princess and the tiger's sent to live happily ever after in a zoo, which is more awful but in a qualitative way)

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I know exactly why. Because once you're stupid enough to believe in golden plates, you're stupid enough to fall for this too

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Well, that, and when you're trying to get away from all of the Mormon shit, there's an almost inevitable urge to go as extreme as possible.

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Twitter won't let me watch it. Is it posted anywhere else?

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Oh my science... in the name of harriet tubman i cant even right now. these little trumpets are trying to trample over the hard fought rights of furries. whats next? they will want to get rid of the litterboxes?

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Someone protect those poor, poor furry babies!

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I don't think I have an hour to spare for that particular video, but I did chuckle at the explanation one of the kids gave as to why the furry is allowed to wear a mask: "Because they think they are so cool."

By the time you're outta Kindergarten, at least one teacher should have explained to you that furry shit is Never cool!

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They also said its because the furries have mentally ill parents who are putting these ideas in their heads.

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Numerically speaking, there must be a pair of furries out there somewhere who were accidentally straight for enough time to pump DNA into each other, right?

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Probably incedental to furry activities. They likely don't even know who the sperm donors are and it's not a guarantee that the mother is the one that actually carried them to term.

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"I'm a furry, and I'm a seahorse. As a male, I carry the young, so..."

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I think it's more likely the consequence of unlimited unsupervised internet access vis smart devices.

Furries have an interesting history as a subculture and you can trace their history back as a group pretty far. It's a pre-internet phenomenon actually. And it seems like they've always had a lot of infighting between the more innocent "I like cute animals" wing and the more sexually lurid elements. I don't think these elements are naturally the same either.

I think that probably the rise of film as a medium likely triggered some kind of paraphilic response in some portion of the population that later became furries, this was likely increased in the 80's and 90's due to the prevalence of home video. The development of the internet allowed the more lurid elements space to spread. And I think the problematic issue of having cute animal characters engaged in sexual situations is going to mean that children are going to inevitably stumble across it. I don't think many are getting these ideas directly from the parents.

I think basically anyone born before the 1980's had no clue what the fuck was on the internet and didn't realize this shit was out there until very recently. It will be interesting to see how the people who grew up with this sort of unlimited internet access will raise their own kids. I suspect that they'll be more aware of the kind of content that can exist and be a lot smarter about how they let their kids access the internet.

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I think that probably the rise of film as a medium likely triggered some kind of paraphilic response in some portion of the population that later became furries,

It was Bugs Bunny dressing in drag that did it!

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or Robin Hood

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You've got to admit, Maid Marian was a fox though, ;p.

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Could be? Wouldn't be surprised if there was some minority of people into that, and some minority of people totally and utterly morally outraged at it. Though without the internet and the ability to self publish your opinions to the world, their thoughts will be lost to history.

I suspect that a good portion of these subcultures are very very old. Crossdressing for example shows up in ancient texts from time to time so I am almost certain that it has existed for millennia. Though I very much doubt you will ever find any literature written by cross dressers themselves until recently. Before the advent of the printing press literacy being the sole purview of the educated scholarly class and all that.

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also interesting to trace the de-compartmentalization of the internet over the decades: 80s you had BBS bulletin boards and mailing lists, and the 90s and 00s were dominated by specific fan or political forums and bigger places like Elfwood or Archive of Our Own--and the furries were definitely not a minor part of all this, probably the #2 or 3 subculture after slash writers

social media was uniform and accessible nationwide, their members largely college students, famous as the home of conformist, purge-happy, nitpicking, identitarian "SJWism" early 2010s; I think it was also important that campuses couldn't really protest AGAINST the nice smileysmiley African American president, so a lot of frustration built up and was expressed in like rioting over how classes starting with Gilgamesh were "too white" or how the MALE janitors hung the TP and not like Yemeni genocide

there were still specialty websites and blogs, but the left-lib news sites that'd given Obama a hard time (Daily Kos, Josh Marshall) and ended his Reality Distortion Field were seized and synchronized 2016 because Madame President wasn't going to have the peasants KNOWING what she was doing, ditto FB and Twitter warning that it was illegal to look at WikiLeaks or The NY Post; like they even shut down most comments sections to keep people from sharing leaked news

so just as the educated youth were mobilized and given a glimmer of hope they were promptly thwarted, and that's gonna intensify their mental sublimation and make their politics ... weirder

nowadays Tumblr's a ghost town and Facebook's just where your uncle panics that every gas station in America will be blown up at 3:55 tonight/your aunt gleefully posts that the Marshals are coming for Trump tomorrow, leaving Twitter now as the only happening place for under-40s (Musk or no, since he'd 1. be the first to share litterbox stories and 2. blow eight figures developing the X Corp Automated Dry Waste Collector)

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Cool? Shit. If we had kids like that when I was in middle school we'd have beat the everloving shit out of them every day until they stopped being a furry. And this was the 80s so the teachers wouldn't have given a shit. Not saying it would've been right but, I do believe bullying used to provide a service of sorts, albeit a barbaric one, to children, to give them a preview what life will be like if they keep being weird. And when you don't have that service any longer, this is what happens. It's just a harsh reality.

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Bullying does suck... But like a lot of things in life that sucks, it helps to teach important lessons as well. We learn to understand social languages other than the spoken, take in what is accepted and what is shunned, learn to connect with people who share our interests, learn how to form social groups... It's all very Lord Of The Flies, but it's much like dogs nipping at each other and playing rough - They learn to understand their world better, and some of the more harsh lessons stick with them all through life.

There needs to be a better way of teaching these lessons that doesn't leave some kids traumatized and broken, or shooting up a shopping mall, or joining a gay furry sex cult, but I guess it's better than the idea of simply accepting all deviancy and degeneracy with a smile.

That being said, in reality, furries are mostly harmless. It's the ones in the suits and diapers soiling themselves in public to get hard that make it all an issue. Teaching these kids that wearing a mask in public and acting like a cat at all times is totally fine seems like a good way to walk them right down that road, sadly.

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When I was in 5th grade for the span of about 4 months I got beat up by a few 8th graders almost every day on my walk home from school, simply because I made a dumb mom joke at their expense once. Yeah it sucked but I didn't spiral into a hellish psychological abyss. I didn't join any cults or buy any guns. And like a little bitch I tattle-told on them to my dad. And instead of calling the school or calling the kids' parents, he taught me to man up a little, gave me some lessons in self-defense and avoidance tactics and tricks. They helped a little but eventually the kids got bored anyway and it stopped happening.

Anecdotal, I know. But back then bullying was just a fact of life for some kids and despite that, there wasn't an epidemic of Columbines or kids cutting themselves or jumping onto train tracks. So maybe... just maybe... the insane amounts of hand-holding and coddling and adult intervention kids started getting at the turn of the millennium wasn't the best idea. Just a thought.

Now did I deserve a 4 month ass-kicking for one stupid mom joke? Absolutely not. But I think the experience ultimately made me a little more resilient.

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Alright, you know we all want to know: What was the joke?

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I don't remember exactly but it wasn't so much a joke-joke as it was a mean-spirited inference that their moms were whores. And the kicker is I said it not to them, but to another kid, who then snitched. So yeah I probably deserved at least a few bitch-slaps for it.

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Phhwwaaa! I reckon this "Other Kid" was overdue for a 4 month beating.

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Where the fuck are the kids’ parents in all of this? Or maybe we’ve reached the point where the parents are terrified of telling their kids they can’t do something?

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I think these days with the prevalence of smart devices, even if you're pretty vigilant on keeping them from exposure to internet bullshit, they're going to get second hand exposure, and you can't really cut them off from social circles without dire consequences perhaps worse than the second hand exposure itself.

I think you've got to keep a pretty even temper and maintain good lines of communication with your kid, about the only way to navigate now. You want to keep your kid open with you about what they are hearing and seeing so you can help them navigate it. If you aren't careful they'll close up and not tell you anything and then they're going to only get their guidance from the internet which is stupid.

Still can't allow dumbass stuff. If the kid wants to play pretend they are a fox or something whatever, that's normal kid stuff, if they want to play pretend they're a fox or something during class or at the bank or something that's a hard no, time and a place. Foxes don't go to school. They also don't get to eat dinner with the humans. If you want to play fox at the dinner table go into the basement and eat some rats like a real fox.

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Faggot adults have abdicated their responsibility. Firings must happen - from the top down.