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The idea of ‘medically transitioning’ comes from the idea that there are male bodies and female bodies, which isn’t really how it works. I have a body, and I’m nonbinary, so I have a nonbinary body.

Umm, that's EXACTLY how it works. Male bodies have testes, produce more testosterone, and go through different pubescent changes. Female bodies have ovaries, produce more estrogen, and don't undergo as many changes during puberty. You're denying basic science. If gender is all arbitrary then what's the point of having the concept in the first place?

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as it says in Genesis, "female and memale We created them"

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I want people to know that some trans folks actually LIKE their bodies. I separate my gender from my body. I don’t feel the need to medically change anything about it because nothing makes me feel uncomfortable.

Then you have no problem with your sex "assigned at birth". You just have too much internalized sexism to realize that all you want is to not be held to evil gender norms.

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That's just unfair.

Much more likely that it's not even internalized sexism and an overarching "I wanna be SPECIAL!" attitude that ties everything together.

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Some of these people mentioned all kinds of gender roles as the reason they "transitioned". They were probably taught that in school.

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Likely, or possibly from one of the outright ones who believe in transgenderism as religion and who ultimately believe everyone is, they just don't know it yet saying any question on a role is proof.

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Nah its just the newest version of of "i kissed a girl once, so makes totally a lesbian/bi".

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Being trans is not all about physically looking like the gender you identify as. Just as often, it can be about being socially perceived as your gender.

Again, you're a femboy. Women don't have male bodies, and MtFs can't stand having male bodies.

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Gender doesn’t have to 'match' any appearance, physicality, pronoun, orientation or role. It just is, and it’s a beautiful thing to explore.

What is it then? Just anything? We already have a word for that, it's called "personality".

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Damn Vulptie, that's a lot of your own top level comments.

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As much as I want to pass as a boy in everyday life, I also don’t want to have to take hormones. I don’t want facial hair, I don’t want a much deeper voice. I want people to know that not every trans person feels like they are born with the wrong parts, or in the wrong body. Not everything is black and white, and so people’s feelings about the body they were born in vary. Respect trans peoples’ choices to do what they want with their physical transition. After all, it's their body, not yours.

Then YOU DON'T WANT TO BE MALE, you want permission to not be "girly".

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Everyone is different and everyone wants different things. Not everyone is dysphoric with every part of their body, some people aren’t bodily dysphoric at all. Social dysphoria is worse than body dysphoria — being trans is very much about how you fit in socially as your gender.

HELL no. You clearly haven't experienced body dysphoria before, because if you had you wouldn't be saying this. Most were raised as their birth sex, actual transitioners likely fit their transitioned gender's roles LESS and still have years of shame about GNC behaviors instilled in them. They transition out of necessity, because it's the only way they can live with themselves, and it's HARD; they don't do it to fit stupid social expectations. Fitting social expectations is something most of them sacrifice to make their bodily existence even a tiny bit more tolerable.

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that's the sick irony of dysphoria, since it was coined to explain why someone born male killed himself after being neutered and raised female

so now the spaghetti brains can threaten suicide without ever having to feel suicidal

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Do they even threaten suicide anymore? They have the power to cancel anyone they want.

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They threaten suicide on behalf of hypothetical "trans kids", who are inexorably compelled to self-harm by dysphoria, (but trans adults don't have to have dysphoria to be trans) and MUST begin medical transition IMMEDIATELY, (but trans adults who choose not to medically transition are valid) and anyone who points out the contradiction is LITERALLY KILLING those kids.

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I have never felt that I had the wrong body, but I always knew there was more to myself than society told me based on my body. We would play 'Boys vs. Girls' tag in first grade and I only stayed on the 'boys' side because my best friend at the time (a girl) would be there with me. My soul and essence has always been that of a woman, but I don't personally feel the need to medically change my body to live that truth. Even with a penis, I am still a woman.

No, you are not a woman, and you do not want to be a woman. You're a feminine man. You should become a MRA and advocate against bullying men who aren't ultra "manly", not jump through hoops to fit society's expectations.

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well good thing there's plenty of terms for not having dysphoria and being attracted to the opposite sex, like "NB," "genderqueer," or "agender"--all as long as you avoid the dreaded "cis" label

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"Here's What Trans People Who Aren't Medically Transitioning Want You To Know"

We know that you are an attention whore dear.

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I’m still valid. If I don’t plan on getting get top surgery, I’m still a man. If I don’t go to the hospital to surgically get a d*ck, I’m still a valid man. Some of us either can’t afford it, don’t want it, or simply can live without it.

There's a fine line between "can live without it" or "can't get it", and "I like and prefer my birth sex characteristics". Even going all the way won't make you the same as an actual male, no matter how you identify.

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I’m uninterested in passing, so don’t bring up what I could change about my presentation to pass more easily — It’s just not on my radar. Just because I’m not changing my body with hormones or surgery doesn’t mean I’m not transitioning. The process of coming out, changing presentation, negotiating pronoun use, changing names, and all kinds of other stuff can be part of a non-medical transition and it’s important to be recognized as a transition too.

That's not a transition, it's all sexist gender roles bullshit. You're allowed to be a tomboy or femboy. What you want is to change your role in society, not whether you're actually male or female. If you don't care about passing, fine. But the fact that you think that would be the only reason to alter your body, and not because, you know, it feels so uncomfortable that it makes you want to kill yourself 24/7, proves that you don't understand transitioning and why a few people need it.

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Not to mention even if it's supposedly that bad, it's still not a real thing. It's just depression + narcissism clinging to a fantasy.

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I mean, nobody is actually trans. It's not real. 100% of "trans people" are delusional or actively pretending

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Please pontificate to me oh retarded teenager!

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Are these people capable of talking about any topic other than themselves?