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Sneako, my poor friend, I can honestly say, in every sense of the way you are using the terms, I've never been hit by a transexual.

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Someone hasn't been anywhere near where Antifa gathered...

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Antifa say I'm too manly, and the Proud Boys say I'm not manly enough. :( I just want to get hit by a bike lock for minding my own business like a normal person!

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You poor normie, what kind of degenerate world are we living in when an average citizen can't get violently assaulted by a crowd of masked cowards?

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Gotta join the women's boxing team man it's the best.

Me a 600 pound gorilla who identifies as a 125 pound woman, have found my true calling in life, in ever knew just how amazing I was at women's boxing! It is my calling. But the mean old TERFS WANNA THROW DOO DOO AT MY DREAM, and that's why I need your help! I need money! And lots of it, in order to defeat the evil TERFS and bring peace order and security to my new empire.

5 bajillion dollars should do nice. Like subscribe and share with all your friends who are budlight marketing executives!

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Yeah, it's nice to be the best at something without having to train hard or change your lifestyle in any way.

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This is why we must secure the queer race and a future for trans babies.

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The last thing we need is more trans babies. Also, queer is just a slur.