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I don't have a good article link to post yet, but if you have a Twitter account, scroll through the posts with that hashtag and you'll see lots of people showed up in a lot of cities. I was thinking the unions and trantifa might outnumber or smother the protests, but nope, too many showed up.

More hashtags:





Rebel News Twitter feed has a lot of good video coverage.

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Watching this with interest, given I hadn't even heard about the planned demonstrations until recently. The media is of course trying to claim that the demonstrators are all 'far right's and 'against transgender rights'. The respective behavior and demographics of the demonstrators and qweer counter protesters is too revealing. Even the leftist media is acknowledging the qweers are outnumbered.

It's a rather fascinating shift given how captured Canada has been until recently. Gender ideologues simply pushed too hard. Drag queen storytimes, month long mandatory Pride observances and especially secret school transition policies pushed the public's tolerance limit. Parents are pissed off about not being allowed to ask basic questions about bathroom policies or library books at school board meetings.

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and the "glittershit" all over the place that few of the actual gays asked for (since now you're on the flag if you're a married man and a woman, vaguely "brown," or anything except the white cishet authorities who're actually pushing these policies): being outed in the name of being "celebrated" instead of bullied is a literal nightmare for a middle schooler

I mean, if a school in Little Armenia had Pride Year, tattooed khachkar designs on 8yos, redecorated every room gold, blue, and red, people might think it was being too TOO

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Protesters were a lot more diverse than trantifa that's for sure.

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gotta ask, any of the latter even trying to pass?

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Passing is transphobic

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They pass as communist scrubs.

To be more clear, I'm not sure I saw more than one or two TW there. Mostly ugly activists - some students, some union losers, and lots of white women.

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Yep. Most Canadians, like myself, have no problem with gays, have gay friends, family members, etc. But it was the dick waving, woman hating, chevron flying faggot contingent that finally pushed us to the breaking point. None of the gay people I know support this shit. It's the outright freaks doing this, and they need to be pushed back against.

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Pretty big turnout in Ottawa

Toronto march down Yonge St.

Hamilton protest

I went to the Toronto protest in the morning at Queen's Park. Looked like it was around 50/50-ish? Most of the protesters were densely packed near the speaking area near a statue. Trantifa was mostly gathered around behind on the other side, and spread out around the perimeter, but it didn't have the numbers to smother it or drown it out.

All trantifa said was "trans rights are human rights." What a mindless drone, I don't know how they just don't get bored of it.

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What a mindless drone, I don't know how they just don't get bored of it.

Because it's their liturgy, it soothes and comforts their frustrated little nuggets.

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It's because of their autism.

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What even is 'far-right' in Canada? Only apologizing when something is your fault, rather than as a general commiserative for all misfortunes?

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Not apologizing at all, I think.

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I think that's punishable by death in Canada.

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Death by moose, I believe.

Which is worse than death by Canadian bacon, but better than death by Quebecois.

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ironically there is a significant granite-monument, "how could 6 million have been killed in only 4 years?" "my grandpappy had to flee the Communists just because he ran some little ol' newspaper," "the song 'Stomp Polish Babies With Big Hobnail Boots' is meant as sarcasm" RW, but since it's a Ukrainian Canadian RW nobody's saying much about it

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Twitter is just unusable now without an account?

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Canada and India at war would be cute.

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Not really. India does have nukes, and while most of them are probably aimed at Pakistan and China, I wouldn't be surprised if they've got a few budgeted for some sort of "fuck around and find out" moment against whoever.

That's not to say that I'd think they'd go nuclear over some beef with Canada in the normal course of things, but it only takes one crazy retard in the wrong position to start something.

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it only takes one crazy retard in the wrong position to start something

Oh dear