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I had a similar issue with being a science major in my last year. (Not obnoxious queer types but obnoxious lazy types). It's because my course load is so prerequisite heavy that it's almost impossible to take all the gen ed classes before the senior year. I asked around and found an English teacher who was some hippie ex-burnout who would make the class easy. All you had to do was pay attention and participate in her class and she would make the class easy.

The students were mostly art and gen ed majors and they were always bitching about the class and the teacher. This was the easiest and most chillaxed class I had taken at school. The teacher was 5 minutes late once and that one corner of students is trying to organize a full walkout "if we all leave she can't say anything". I just shut it down instantly saying i wasn't leaving since I need the class to finish my GenEd requirements. The look on her face was funny as hell.

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Do you know any bohemians/alternative culture types who aren't into queer ideology? Please provide updates as the year progresses.

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as things happen, I'll fill you guys in. maybe they'll turn out to be semi normal. we'll see.

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"You never thought you'd get addicted, just be cooler in an obvious way/ I could say, shouldn't you have got a couple piercings and decided maybe that you were gay"

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Are they unattractive white women?

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Completely unfair. It's not the completely unattractive white women who end up saying they're queer- they're the ones who actually have to come through and actually be willing to make out with each other to get men interested in them and would have a case to claim it, or can just be a lesbian for themselves.

The real money for the queer moment is in the moderately attractive white woman- not a guaranteed smoke show, but about a 6, 6.5 on a good day white woman. The type of white woman that is just pretty enough that a loser man would fall hard for if she even shared a remote interest in something he liked, but has next to no chance of hooking up with the top of the heap men. Those are the ones who need queerness in order to turn the ugly losers off of them while not actually changing anything so that if a man who is a remote catch wants them, they can say "no, I'm totally interested."

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ding ding ding you win a prize! I doubt you'd like it, but it's the guy who puts his hair into pigtails and wears barrettes.

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Well the most interesting thing about me is my penis and if you don't like that I'm taking it out and waving it around in the Girls washroom then you're just a big poo-poo head bigot.

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Forgot to mention the guy who wears his hair in pigtails with barrettes. Could be interesting in a "wtf?" kind of way.

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I'd just be like hey dude, how's your porn addiction going

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Men or women?

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My guess is there's a 75% chance they're both women.

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Did you just assume the gender of two people reported anonymously and anecdotally on-line? Well we now all know who is the real Hitler here.

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I'm the worst kind of Hitler, worse than the Hitler Hitler.

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Well of course they can't list their accomplishments, they have none. They gave up on competition, self-improvement, and personal ambitions as teenagers. That shit is so cisheteronormative. You should only do things to be seen doing them, and only if you're a minority, like a man winning a women's powerlifting competition. Everyone else can identify by their cool unique interesting sexual identities, tattoos, piercings, and hair color.