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Only if you are scrupulous in your infosec measures. VPN, disposable email address, burner phone, if you can get hold of one, for account verification. Scrub the meta data from every image you post.

Never underestimate the power of weaponised autism.

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You don't need account verifiication. Just a throwaway email account. The web app is even usable on a phone, so no native app necessary.

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I mean, if you want to put the time in, then go right ahead. Personally, I think it's just inviting those sorts of people to live rent-free in your head, and none of them are worth that level of investment.

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Just go to Kiwifarms, mate, they follow and archive the most gross and insane troon accounts and tweets so you don't have to waste your time like that.

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I guess if you're really bored.

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It can be fun, but it's a time sink if you're not careful. But so is all social media, including this site. You will inevitably fall down other rabbit holes due to cross-pollination. Some accounts to follow for starters:

@HJoyceGender @ReduxxMag @Slatzism @lascapigliata8 @NigHekeReturns @MalesInDisguise @troonytroons @ClownWorld_ @reddit_lies

I won't point you to the worst troon accounts, you'll find them soon enough if you follow any of those.

Other interesting accounts presenting forbidden data:

@TheRabbitHole84 @monitoringbias @fentasyl

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You can sell your soul for knowledge of course. Why not eat the forbidden fruit, learn the difference between good and evil and become like God?