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Didn't they learn from the last time this happened?

Single sex spaces exist for a reason. How people think it'll make people more accepting to force their way into these spaces I'll never know.

It's absolutely disgusting. You're not female. You do not belong in female only spaces. I know people that would use that service because it's female only and that's how they'd be comfortable. Like any male that's forcing his way into those spaces does not have good intentions. At best he's a fucking weirdo fetishists who is going to be getting off on it.

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Did single-sex spaces deserve to exist before the troons turned up? The troons seem to be following the lead of other groups who challenged single sex spaces.

A couple of years ago a council started a male-only and female-only swimming hours at the local swimming pool to attract more Asians.

Women’s groups complained about the men-only hour. It was just a single hour on a Friday evening, but they couldn’t let the men have it. The women’s groups even resorted to shaming men who wanted to swim without women seeing them in their swimwear.

I’ve got horrific surgical scars all over my torso, I’d quite like to have a swimming session at my local council pool when it was just adult men minding their own business. Is that unreasonable?

I fully support women having access to women-only spaces, especially when nudity or safety are an issue…but there’s a little part of me that knows that those same women complaining wouldn’t extend that courtesy to me.

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Honestly I do think single sex spaces deserve to exist. For both men and women. Men are entitled to exactly the same space as women. Obviously so long as they're equal if there's a male only hour, good for them. A lot of men are going to feel more comfortable with that. Disgusting behaviour to shame people over it.

I know a fair few people of both sexes who for various reasons will only do certain things around their own sex and they absolutely should have that chance to do that. Same applies for a ton of things. I know men who have private groups for specific topics (often suicide) that I would absolutely help them bar women from for the good of their space. In that case if only because men don't open up the same way around women and so it could ruin the point of the space. The women can make/have their own space for it but shouldn't force their way into the mens one or shame them for having it.

I do get really sad when I hear about experiences like yours. Everyone deserves that space with their own sex. Dynamics can be different and it can be really beneficial for people to have access to that for either sex and anyone wanting to take that away is abhorrent.

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Even then, the problem is the "grass is greener on the other side" factor. No matter how much you make it equal between the two, one side will truly believe the other side is getting something better, and they'll complain until you give them the same. [And when they find out it's the exact same, they'll complain you're hiding the REAL good stuff the other side is getting from them.]

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It just saddens me. They can be brilliant services and options for people and it makes me so uncomfortable that people are happy taking that away from someone. I can see wanting the same and that's fair. Like it's fine to go "men get a swimming hour? Can we get one too?" but it's not fair to want to either take away the men's hour or demand longer.

I just don't understand why people think it's more than it is sometimes if that makes sense? If you think it's a good idea for one sex it's good for the other and the entitlement of people that think others are getting more from it annoy me. Reminds me a bit of crazy customers who don't understand you don't have something and just yell at you to "get some from the back". Same self centred fuck you attitude.

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Well, you also forget how many people doing this just truly HATE their "other". They don't really care if it's more than it is or not, what matters is the bullying child factor of "this made you happy? Well, I TOOK IT from you. Now, you don't get to be happy. I TOOK YOUR HAPPINESS FROM YOU. And I can do it over and over again, whenever I want to, and YOU CAN'T STOP ME."

Even if they know the two are the same, they know "if I make sure they don't get it, then I get this and they don't."

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They definitely would not extend the same courtesy to you. It’s simply too much power for them to just give up.

I mean, women, white women in particular supported all the woke crap over the years. It mainly was aimed at straight white men, who they have been taught to view as competition. It wasn’t harming them. They benefitted from it.

Now it’s becoming a problem for women, and now we are being told by women that something needs to be done about it.

Ok, but…..

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We should have male only gyms, male only pools, male only spas, fair is fair.

Still have the mixed ones though.

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no, you can't have 1% the women's center's budget to address male problems unless the students seeking services are forced to admit all their problems are because they're male and only men are responsible and maybe stop coming to the center and toughen up; no, you can't open a men's shelter; no, women can't rape or abuse and a whole slew of barristers will make sure that stays law; any time men's issues came up they'd pile in shouting "why do you have to derail the conversation whenever someone tries to talk about women's issues?!" (there's a reason they were all #ISquatWithAmber)

no wonder the Yanivs of the world came warbling over the hill on their scootypuffs at the prospect of all this concentrated womanflesh

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Huh, yeah, I'm sure there's a totally innocent reason why this "woman" wants to gain entry to women's-only spa with compulsory nudity.

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I swear, more often than not I see trannies with pictures like this.

I don't know if they do it intentionally or if they just have RSPF (Resting Sexual Predator Face)

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RSPF! Genius!

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it's the difference between people fleeing to the toilet because of Taco Bell vs. those taking selfies and eagerly sharing how their "euphoric ladyboners" felt against their dresses

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hey now, respect preferred adjectives.

Wilvich refers to it as a "naked lady spa."

As if the motive was ever in question.

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Trans women are biological women. Because biology is a fictional concept created for male power fantasy. So please stop refuse raping me by not letting me show my she spear to breeders. The right to flash vagina havers with my lady lance against their will is a human right

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She spear, lady lance…

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She shlong, she shaft, girl gherkin, m'am member, dame dong, ... ok I'm out of ideas.

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"ladies who launch"

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I thought that the First Amendment protected the right to associate?

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As we've seen more than once from the left, they only care about freedom and rights when it's their own. Everyone else needs to get under the boot and obey.

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At this point, what exactly is the difference between trans women and the other kind of women?

trans women are biologically female

trans women have female bodies

trans women have female genitals

trans women have female chromosomes

It's not even "assigned sex at birth" anymore, because troons can legally alter their birth certificate and purge all record of them ever having been "assigned" male, as if it never happened.

They'll argue that you can't be 100% certain of someone's chromosomal sex by looking at them, but by that logic it's even easier for them to lie about a piece of paper, so you can't go by that either! Trans women have female sex at birth!

But they will never start saying trans women are "cis" women, because they want to keep using the word "cis" as a pejorative.

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For fuck's sake, If I was a owner of that spa, I'd rather close my buisness forever than being forced to allow troons into my facility.

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So let the male in, then let the woman beat the shit out of the dude.

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The viagra comment made me fall of my chair 😂😂😂

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Land of the free my arse!

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Fun fact, this is in the same neighborhood as q spa, which has a mixed sex woman's space.

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mixed sex woman's space


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But when you realize that The state is intervening because of a single sex woman's spa, it makes sense!

I actually am okay having expansive and material definitions of woman, where there's generally context clues to tell you what the business is using.

Like let private businesses use whatever private language they want, and the market will sort things from there.

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Why is nudity compulsory lmao

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Its a korean spa, it would be highly unusual for them to be clothed when doing any sort of bathing. They use big baths that are like shallow swimming pools, many people at once - kind of like how locker room showers are not private. Think giant naked hot-tub. Its sex segregated like a locker room for obvious reasons. But anyway, I digress, they don't want a bunch of americans wearing swim-suits like its a giant american hot tub - thus making them the weird ones for being naked in their own korean spa - so they require that people follow this rule to protect their traditional bathing experience

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But anyway, I digress, they don't want a bunch of americans wearing swim-suits like its a giant american hot tub

That's good, means the fake women won't hide behind their tuck-friendly swimsuits 😂

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One thing is that the judge said the actions taken against the spa were "lawful". That just means there's a law written which supports the action. It could be a local or state law. If the law itself violates the first amendment might not be a question for a local or state judge.

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It's incredible that a transgender can technically still enter if they made bototm surgery. That's the funniest part of this.

They want to go transgender but they don't want to go all the way. It's just a fetish.