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I just hope she's prepared for the death and rape threats coming her way from the TRAs.

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Funny how there were so few rape and death threats coming from women before trans women joined their ranks...

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That’s really powerful. While I am saddened by the hate this girl will get, in a way, it helps remind everyone who these clowns are. Loud, obnoxious, cruel, and ugly, inside and out.

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Erm. I get it, we should cut the author some slack since she's 14, but this:

I am not a bitch, a TERF, a whore, a slag,

Hysterical, a witch, a slut, a slag.

It's a serious case of

Konoha the little village,

There lives sensei Kakashi

Fond of Icha-Icha novels.

I don't care if it's not rhyming.

The Konoha poem was originally not in English so I translated it to the best of my ability. It was still as bad originally as it turned out to be in English though.

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John Lennon rhymed words with themselves.

Aren't you supposed to flame her for making poetry that rhymes? Poets quit doing that a century ago.

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Quite frankly I dislike that poem not because of the minor issue with rhyme (14yo, okay, okay, I get it). I dislike that poem because it perfectly summarizes this peculiar victimhood stance that American feminists seem to be so fond of. I often hear American feminists complain about how conservatives seem to be repeating their exact words and immediately getting heard while no one pays attention to the same very words when they are said by feminists themselves. And it does have some truth to it. One Matt Walsh and his "What is a Woman" movie are seemingly more popular with the general public than a dozen of feminists and their works.

Feminists think unending victimhood stuff like the "I am not a dress" slogan that is quite similar to "My culture is not your prom dress" or "My culture is not your hairstyle" shit somehow gives them an edge over their attacker by positioning them on higher moral ground. It does not. To a casual observer, an "I Am Not A Dress" poem (however eloquently and masterfully written) is no more than just another piece of annoying activist bickering. The observer is already tired of the intersectional Oppression Olympics with activists screaming at each other trying to figure out who happens to be more oppressed today, a feminist or a feminine penis. The observer will therefore much prefer a conservative dude who distills all the relevant points made by feminists but presents them under the "look at these ridiculous perverted mentally ill clowns who deluded themselves into thinking sex is a social construct!" sauce. The "woe is me, a beautiful, strong, but horribly oppressed woman who has been wronged!" sauce has long gone sour.

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And poetry stopped being a serious art a century ago

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What if she turned the second line into:

But you're insane, a glitch, a nut, a fag.

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Unmetered 4/10