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Uh....well, that's fucking bizzare as hell, what the heck.🤡

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It’s not the first time this exact thing has happened. A case from last month, and one from 2015. Interestingly, the 2015 case was quashed due to issues with the judge’s summing up…but she was convicted on retrial in 2017.

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Huh....that's just so surreal, lol

What's wrong with these fucked up women?😨

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They got caught.

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But women don't do this stuff it must be the patriarchy that caused this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or at least that is what some of the rad fem fuckwits that followed from reddit will be claiming if they even bother to engage with this thread...

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No rape occurred, unless you mean rape by deception. Leave the actual rape to men.

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If you're joking, you suck at it. If this had been a man (not a trans woman because that's totally okay and any woman that doesn't fuck her is a transphobe) tricking a lesbian into having sex by dressing as a woman would be considered rape.

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No she is not joking, she is that fucking stupid.

Unfortunately the legal system was changed due to fuckheaded rad fems like the missed chance for a abortion you are replying to and it would not count as rape legally.

But she is a good example of why I think the feminists crying for help over TRA bullshit are the scorpions from the parable of the scorpion and the frog.

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Rape by reception and rape are extremely different things. As I am quite sure you know.

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They're only different in degrees. Forceful, violent sexual assault with penetration is Rape 1 and rape by omission would be a lesser crime, but they're both in the same ballpark.

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I agree with this. I'm just saying that the rape-rape, that is, violating someone by force, is much worse so it kind of irks me when someone says "this woman raped someone".... no, no she didn't force him into sex.

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Absolutely agree! I think rape 1 is a capital offense second only to murder.

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Statutory rape still exists. And even if both were adults, the victim didn't consent to gay sex, so that's still rape. This is why "Trans Panic" exists and in some states, it's legal to beat/kill your trans rapist. These fuckers knew were they were doing and I don't feel sorry for them if they get beaten up/murdered for raping someone.

Also, if rape by deception "doesn't count," then neither does drunk sex where they claim "a woman can't consent while drunk" (which is bullshit) or slipping off a condom while having sex without the girl knowing. But something tells me you've got a shitload of double standards and excuses to justify why those cases aren't "rape by deception," though.

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A woman named Georgia tricked a teenage girl into sex by hiding her long blonde hair under a hood and pretending to be a boy called George, a jury heard today.

Georgia Bilham, 21, set up a fake Snapchat profile under the name 'George Parry' using a cartoon image of a blond-haired man as her profile picture and began messaging her online, it was alleged.

They progressed to meeting up for sexual activity in 'George's' car, and later at her home, where 'he' kept up the pretence and tried to dismiss her mounting suspicions that 'he' was really female, the court was told.

Each time, 'George' would ask her to remove her glasses, meaning she could not see his face properly, jurors were told.

The court heard the victim had ‘very poor’ eyesight, with anything more than 5.5in (14cm) from her face being ‘blurred’. The jury were told it meant that when she was without her spectacles she was 'essentially blind’.

Initially ‘George’ would remove her glasses 'himself', but as time went on she would take them off herself.

The crown's case is ‘George knew’ that she was ‘blind without her glasses – and this is why he took them from her’.

While 'he' regularly performed sex acts on the accuser, when she tried to lower 'his' Calvin Klein boxer shorts 'he' began shaking until she stopped, it was alleged.

'George' told her he was too afraid to take off his top or even lower the hood because he was involved with an Albanian criminal gang.

Bilham is charged with nine counts of sexual assault and eight counts of penetration, all of which she denies.

So presumably the victim is 16-19, because there are no child-related charges.

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A lot of MtF trannies you see are just gay dudes who only like straight men, hence why they "transition", to trick straight men into sex.

I'm not used to seeing that phenomenon with lesbians but I guess it makes sense it would happen with them too.

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She doesn’t appear to be trans in anyway, she just seem to be an alleged sex predator.

If she were trans I would have thought her defence team would have said to play that up and they would make the complainant out to be just a transphobe with regrets about consenting to sex with a Troonette. Seems like the easiest thing to do, unless you only ever pretended to be a man with that one girl - in which case, they’re going to have to play the “She actually had a reasonable belief that the complainant consented to everything” defence which is much harder.

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Trans or not, she did make a low-effort attempt to make herself appear male, which is about the same amount of effort you see with a lot of modern self-proclaimed trans people these days. Just put on a wig and bam, you're now the opposite sex, and if anybody disagrees they're bigots. That's the world we live in now and it's so easy to do these days I'm surprised that's not her defense.

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It used to be that way, but now most MTF trannies are straight men with autogynephilia.

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So if this is the UK rape by deception is a thing. If it's the US then it's kind of a wash.

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It’s the UK

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It's not as rare as you may think. It's true that TIMs generally get into a lot more trouble (one school shooting not withstanding). But I've heard a couple cases of TIFs committing rape by deception before. At least one was also in the UK, which sadly may mean most other countries don't consider it a crime. Rape by deception exists in US states for instance, but generally it only applies to impersonating the victim's romantic partner, not simply lying about your own identity.

Edit: As someone else noted, the perpetrator in this case may not identify as trans at all. If not, I wouldn't say that makes the crime worse, but it does seem to cut off an excuse. (e.g. "I wasn't trying to deceive anyone, I just get so dysphoric when people see me as a girl...")

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I'm trying to wrap my head around this... So if a transwoman tricks/rapes a straight male, it's "transphobia" to be mad about it or beat the shit out of your male rapist. But if a wannabe transman tricks/rapes a straight female, then it's "legitimate" rape because the victim was a female? Or is it "legitimate" rape only because it was a minor?

It's fucked up either way, but the cognitive dissonance to only think a tranny raping you is bad when it's a female being raped by a transman, seriously makes me hate this species even more, cause that's what's possibly being implied here. If the genders were reversed and this was a 16 year old boy who got raped by a 21 year old wannabe-transwoman, then I guarantee you Reddit would be calling the teen victim "transphobic" all day long.

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The offender in this case is not trans in any way.

She simply pretended to be a man because the subject of her lesbian affection wasn’t lesbian and it was the only way she could get her into bed.

The way rape law is written means that women can never be charged with rape because it requires that the offender have a penis.

However, this woman has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and multiple counts of assault by penetration, which I believe are the most serious non-paedophile sexual offence charges that can be laid against a woman - the complainant is 19 and was above the age of 16 when the offences allegedly occurred. 18 is the age of unrestricted consent in the UK, but 16 year olds can consent to sex when there is no relationship of trust between the two individuals (not a teacher/police officer etc).

I think that the sexual offences act needs to be updated to equalise the charges by sex, so women can be charged with rape, but that doesn’t seem likely.

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Besides the lack of free speech, getting arrested for making jokes, "Hate Speech" laws being an actual thing, and having literal murderers go unpunished because it's "racist" to prosecute them, this seems to be yet ANOTHER example of why The UK is the biggest shithole in the world and makes America look like utopia by comparison. Even with Biden, the US ain't THIS bad...

Hope they fix those shitty laws soon.

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It is getting weirder and the victim is 19

The jury also heard about messages the girl exchanged with her mother, who became suspicious after meeting ‘George’ and told her daughter that she didn’t believe her boyfriend was a man.

‘Did you defo feel a willy?’ her mother asked.

‘Yes defo. Why did you think he’s a girl?’ she replied.

But Bilham’s barrister told the court her client denies ever having done anything aimed at ‘mimicking a penis’.

The alleged victim also admitted to police there had once been part of her which wanted to ‘experiment with girls’ – but insisted the thought now made her feel ‘sick’.