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so the child abuse section of the tavistock clinic was shut down and the solution is to abuse the mentally disabled.

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Individual rights and considerations are unimportant to the movement. Trans activists don't care about this guy or his mental state as long as he serves their purpose. And where will they be when he finds out he made a mistake and his parents were right? The trans activists will disown him, call him a fraud, and probably blame that on his autism. Luckily, he'll have his parents to pick up the pieces when its all over.

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A father has launched a last-minute legal action to stop his 'vulnerable' autistic son undergoing a sex-change operation next week.

The man, who does not want to be named, believes both the child and adult NHS gender services have failed to properly explore his 21-year-old son's 'fragile' mental health and how it impacts his decision-making.

His son is due to undergo 'vaginoplasty' surgery on Saturday, which involves removing male genitalia and creating female parts.

Aged 13, he began attending the scandal-hit Tavistock child gender clinic in London and was prescribed puberty-blocking drugs against his parents' wishes at 16.

Two years later he was transferred to an adult NHS gender clinic in north-west England before being referred for the vaginoplasty procedure when he was 19.

'We were just devastated when we heard he was getting surgery,' his father said.

'He's been through the shambles that is the Tavistock and then on to the adult services, which I think is far less stringent.

'They were continually affirming him. I don't think the adult services have taken into account his autism and fragile mental health. He had a lot of self-harm and at least one suicide attempt that we know of. We're convinced that the puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones actually made his mental health worse.

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He was basically fucked when the parents allowed him to go on blockers. This is 7 years too late.

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Aged 13, he began attending the scandal-hit Tavistock child gender clinic in London and was prescribed puberty-blocking drugs against his parents' wishes at 16.

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How do they explain sending their 13 year old to something called a Gender Identity Development Service? You'd think they'd know before 13 years pass by. There are actual indicators present at birth, no need to wait 'til puberty to figure out if that's a male or female penis.

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They got a referral from a doctor and thought that the people there were acting responsibly and would help their kid?

I don’t think it is outrageous for parents to expect clinicians to act in the best interests of the kids and not in the interests of ideology. I wouldn’t give that benefit of the doubt to a parent sending their kid to a gender identity service now though, with all the publicity around how shit they are - but eight years ago, almost no one had any idea that that things were that bad, nor how ridiculous the ideology was (because people weren’t very aware of the subject at all).

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(because people weren’t very aware of the subject at all)

Likely true, and that lack of intelligence and awareness is why the stock on the hominid ranches are considered cattle. I mean, imagine raising a child in a way that results in it not knowing if it's a boy or girl.

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Your characterisation is wrong, and a very simplistic and unhelpful way of looking at a complex issue.

Autism is prevalent amongst troons as are other mental health issues.

The AGPs are also extremely good at grooming young kids online, and use exactly the same tactics cults and Islamic extremists use to recruit and radicalise.

A thirteen year old autist, spends time online on Reddit or some other message board and gets talked into this stuff just as puberty is kicking off and his brain is a bit messed up by the hormone surge (not to mention bodily changes) and it’s not hard to see how this happens.

We know that the vast majority of the girls who go down the Troon route have been talked into it online and/or within their social group in exactly the same way they were talked into eating disorders and self-harming in years gone by. The fact that schools report whole friend groups that suddenly identify as boys or non-binary without showing any signs beforehand and in proportions that are completely out of whack with the incidence rate. Social contagion and self-brainwashing.

Children should not be allowed anywhere near any social media, allowing the world access to your kids’ bedrooms is a fucking disaster and quite frankly I can’t believe how retarded parents have been with this.

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The AGPs are also extremely good at grooming young kids online, and use exactly the same tactics cults and Islamic extremists use to recruit and radicalise.

Don't forget the related side: Autists are the single easiest group of people in cults/hate groups to recruit/radicalize, because they're socially awkward, they'll do ANYTHING for a place that they belong, and they're so trusting that if you promise them what they want they cannot possibly fathom you'll have an ulterior motive to get them to do it or even that there'd be the slightest chance you're lying to them and won't actually give them what they want.

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You’re absolutely right, and I’d add that autists can become extremely fixated and are rigid thinkers, so once they’re convinced they’re a girl in a boy’s body, they’re headed down the transition highway at full speed.

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Which part of my characterisation is wrong? As for looking at the plain truth of a situation, that's usually more helpful than wandering through the complexity of irrelevant details.

The fact is, they raised their child in such a way that it didn't know if it was a boy or girl. The specific techniques they employed to achieve that result are less important than the fact that they did it in the first place.

...quite frankly I can’t believe how retarded parents have been with this.

Close to my point, but it's easily believable. 100 IQ is not the minimal acceptable level of function, it's the average! Just look at the percentage of children who get handed over to government schools for programming...

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Parents used to think that brining their kid to a gender identity clinic would mean talk therapy and a way to bring the kid back to reality but it turned out the clinic was ideologically bent on turning every kid trans.

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They thought that because it did used to mean talk therapy, and then the ideologically possessed activists infiltrated the clinics.

I think the whistleblowers at the Tavistock have said the change started in the early 00s.

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Which part of my characterisation is wrong?

I mean, imagine raising a child in a way that results in it not knowing if it's a boy or girl.

The parents generally don’t raise their children in that way. The mechanisms by which children get sucked into this shit is out of the hands of the parents and often, by the time the parents are aware, stupid shit like “social transition” has been done by the child (sometimes even facilitated by the kid’s school etc).

Unless you’re talking about the Munchausen Mothers who trans their little boys because they want girls or don’t want gay sons. But they tend to start much younger than thirteen.

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Sure, so that's why they stayed in-country and allowed the lad to take the pills, because they objected?

If your government pointed its rifle and said "your child will be sterilized and mutilated or you will leave the country" what would you do.

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Cause if you try and take a 21-year old out of the country against their will it’s kidnapping?

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What if you take them with their will but then you don't let them go back?

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That’s trafficking.

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Exactly, and it adds to the claim: It becomes the government pointing its rifle and saying "your child will be sterilized and mutilated, or we're throwing you in jail and taking your child from you and giving custody forever to someone who WILL let us sterilize and mutilate your child", there is really nothing to do in that instance. Either way it's going to happen, the only choice is whether it's your signature or your brains on the paperwork.

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I think there may be some misunderstanding about this case.

The law says a 21 year old can consent to an operation and their parents have no say in the matter. This is the right thing in 99.99% of matters, as adults we don’t want our parents to be able to interfere in our lives especially not in our healthcare decisions.

However, in this case the father is concerned that his 21-year old son is incapable of consenting due to his autism and mental health issues. In circumstances like this the mechanism that exists is the courts where a judge will hear the evidence and make a decision based on the law and facts.

The government is not involved in this. This is not a Canada situation. In this case the father is asking the court to rule that his son cannot consent. The father will have a pretty hefty burden to prove that, as he should as we don’t want people being ruled incompetent Willy-nilly but this is nothing to do with the government.

This is the sort of court case you might bring if your mother was developing dementia and spending all the family’s money - you’d go to court to get power of attorney to prevent her impoverishing herself and spending your inheritance whilst incompetent.

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And this makes the case far more of a question mark since it is fucked up either way.

If the father loses, then this kid who was likely groomed into believing he was transgender and is suicidal beyond his gender identity, meaning it won't satisfy him and he'd 41 no matter what, will get a full sex change.

If the father wins, then it fully says autistic people cannot consent to anything. This cannot possibly end well for the country- because if it does, given how autism is a spectrum disorder, we're potentially looking at a world where anyone who's less of a social butterfly than the prom king/queen can be ruled incompetent and they CAN rule basically anyone who isn't a popular celebrity incompetent of making any decisions for themselves.

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I don’t think this will set precedent unlike the Keira Bell case potentially could have.

This court case will be simply about this father and son, just as if you pursued a similar case to prevent your dementia-suffering mother from spending your inheritance buying exotic parrots and eating them. That case would not apply to anyone else’s dementia-suffering mother, they will need to pursue their own cases to save their inheritances.

I see it as similar to those cases where doctors think that there is no further point continuing extreme life-saving measures but the family want them to keep going. The court cases apply to those individuals only.

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Aged 13

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That article describes the scheduled surgery as removing his male genitalia and creating female parts. Wording like this is completely and utterly misleading. No female parts are created. Male genitalia are removed and an open wound, often lined with part of the colon, in need of permanently ongoing, very painful, dilation is left in its place. The wound is in constant high risk of infection and necrosis. Though this is often unrecognised in the early stages because pain and unpleasant odour are the norm for "neo-vaginas' so the infection is often at a more dangerous stage before it's diagnosed.

Obviously, most of us here know that. But the general public has no idea. Most people know a real vagina isn't created but they have no idea whatsoever that these surgeries are essentially something from a gross out horror film. When journalists use this neat marketing language to describe the surgeries they are complicit in hiding reality and legitimising experimental body modifications so horrific they should be categorised as the worst kind of grievous bodily harm.

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I knew a trans woman who suffered with this. She passed pretty well socially, but as I got to know her better, she told me that she regretted surgical transition because the neo-vagina was chronically infected and was sexually non-functional.

Doctors give these patients completely unrealistic ideas of the results of this kind of surgery.

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Doctors give these patients completely unrealistic ideas of the results of this kind of surgery.

I think that we may start to see these operations being stopped as organisations like the NHS and other European health providers stop funding them due to the lack of evidence that they’re effective or even safe. I think medical researchers are going to be able to be much more critical of the trans narrative going forward, due to the absolute shitshow that has been occurring at places like Tavistock and the fact that it is all coming out in the press.

We, in Europe, may have passed peak trans. The for-profit nature of medicine in the US may mean that it takes longer for the change to happen there, but the wave of legislation regarding children is a good start.

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I don't think Europe is, as a whole, at the same point. The UK is at the forefront of turning the tide. In Ireland we're, collectively, still some way off peaking, though I do know that a lot of people are beyond peaked just largely quiet about it. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens here in the near future, as our way of dealing with the gender "dysphoric" was to refer them to Tavistock as part of an NHS/HSE cooperation.

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No, you’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t have said “European”.

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Doctors give these patients completely unrealistic ideas of the results of this kind of surgery.

Not so much the doctors as the armies of online activists who sell transition as a fresh start at life, a fix for any mental healt problem, a chance to become somebody new and wonderful, even with a new 'rainbow family', with no significant risks at all!

On Reddit, the so-called 'trans community' will actively censor honest discussion of poor surgery outcomes, as it goes against the cult mentality of 'affirmation only, at any cost'. A trans person with poor surgical outcomes is almost as bad as a detransitioner to the cult.

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Even if it goes relatively well, it can never self clean. Imagine what a bacteria -ridden cesspool that becomes if it's actually used. Plus all the body hair from the genital keeps growing and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and whatever else.

Hello unending infections.

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What a nightmare...