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    I mean, I do feel sorry for the young kids that are obviously being pushed down this road because of their muppet parents and progressives eager to destroy families in the name of their twisted ideology/religion. But for the rest of them, the late teens and the adults that do it for clout or for their fetish? Please, yes, destroy your ability to reproduce and let the rest of us hope that you do it before you ever have the chance to breed and pass on whatever defective genes drive you.

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    This is why they're pushing the surrogacy industry. Some Japanese doctor says they'll be able to design babies in the lab in a few years.

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    While I do feel sorry for the young kids as well, even they could have some benefit like this: It's obvious the problem is the parents forced them into this in pursuit of clout themselves, and while those muppet parents have already bred and passed on their defective genes, at least they're making sure their child doesn't reproduce and those genes won't be passed on in turn after, positive?

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    Proving that, with just a bit of hard work, a silver lining can be found inside every gloomy gray cloud :D.

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    Ever read 1984 as a warning against totalitarianism? Written after seeing empire goons kill an elephant with a bullet slathered in pig grease in foreign lands by violent Caucasian half bred neanderthals. Is that you? Would you enjoy killing an elephant?

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    Updating The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will end this malpractice, then adding estrogen and testosterone to the list of controlled substances will stop the underground trans culture.

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    With the werfer of the flammen, the chipper of the wood, the two timbers and the nails, and a houseshoe wielded with vigor by an angry Hispanic mother!

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    Don’t chipper the poor, poor, trans babies!

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    No worries, they get the houseshoe.

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    You dare put them at the mercy of la chancla? You monster!