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I was listening to BBC radio today and they were talking about the Trump indictment. The journalist basically said "a lot of democrats just really hate Trump and that's what's driving this more than logic". He wouldn't have said something like that a couple of years ago.

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A BBC presenter has hit out at disputed claims made on his own programme about the number of transgender pupils who have attempted suicide

Justin Webb challenged an academy school boss online about the source of the figures he cited on Radio 4’s Today programme and raised the risk that they could do further damage to children.

And when Steve Chalke replied that they came from Stonewall, Mr Webb pointed out that the BBC was one of many ‘responsible organisations’ to have cut its ties with the lobby group.

The row came in the wake of this week’s shock report by think-tank Policy Exchange that revealed some schools are allowing pupils to ‘self-identify’ as the opposite sex without telling their parents.

I think we are actually witnessing a massive shift in the UK.

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Keir Starmer has been warned that the trans issue and self-ID in particular are election losing issues. However, I believe that there’s a very strong lobby within Labour that’s completely ideologically possessed by the trans issue - the deputy leader is in that grouping.

I imagine there will be more discussion at the next conference. I suspect that the reason that that tweet was made was because it is following the currently held Labour positions and new positions will require votes at conference before they can state them, iirc.

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Of course. The issue is no longer about trans rights, but the battleground between "people calling out the amount of cluster-B fuckheads who are openly using this to demand the world worship the ground they walk on" vs. "people who truly believe this is the new battleground for equality, they are on the right side of history, and they must stay the course for the good of society."

Ironically, it's likely if the other side accepted the amount of cluster-B fuckheads and called them out, then the one side would be more than willing to accept trans rights.

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If the TRAs were simply arguing for equal rights, access to evidence-based healthcare and tolerance then they would have almost no pushback these days. Trouble is, they want total capitulation, celebration and to impinge upon the rights of others, both sex-based rights and even more importantly freedom of speech, association, thought and conscience.

They essentially started a fight and got a little cocky when they won the first round with a loaded glove and they’re complaining now that the glove has been taken away.

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These are the people who at the protest against Dave Chappelle, broke a person's sign against them in two and then screamed the person was holding a stick as a weapon; does it SHOCK YOU they complain the loaded glove they had was taken away after the first round?