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The UK is recovering nicely from the transdemic, and this isn't even the trans ideology guidance they're planning for this summer.

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Yeah this is about some of the nonsense that has been uncovered in the sex education curriculum.

The government made sex education mandatory in state schools, parents used to be able to excuse their kids but for safeguarding reasons this was considered to not be a great thing, but left the content up to the schools to decide - so schools not being experts in the subject turned to “experts” to provide lesson plans and in some cases actually run the lessons. As you can probably predict, the “experts” turned out to be a bunch of groomers, who used various loopholes to hide the content of the lessons from parents and interested parties - and when a bunch got leaked by teachers, it all turned out to be heavy on the lgbT and totally age inappropriate , which was never the intention of making sex Ed mandatory - it was always about safeguarding children and doing it in an age appropriate way.

Seems that the groomers have lost this fight.

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Well, good.

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School sex education classes will get film-style age classifications to address parents' concerns about 'inappropriate content' being shown to children.

Under a review of Relationships, Sex, Health and Education (RSHE) teaching ordered by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak new guidance could be in place by the end of the year.

At the same time Gillian Keegan, the Education Secretary, has written to schools today telling them to share the content of sex education classes with parents, amid claims some were blindsided by content.

Announcing more details on the RSHE review, the Government said it is determined to make sure such teaching 'leaves children equipped to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and relationships, in a sensitive way that reflects their stage of development'.

It will be informed by the work of an independent panel that will 'advise on how to put in place clear safeguards to stop pupils from being taught contested and potentially damaging concepts, including introducing age ratings setting out what is appropriate to be taught at what age, to prevent children being taught concepts they are too young to understand.'

Ms Keegan said 'This urgent review will get to the heart of how RSHE is currently taught and should be taught in the future.

'This will leave no room for any disturbing content, restore parents' confidence, and make sure children are even better protected.'

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This logic is all fun and games until you find out the hard way a lot of sex ed isn't religion-based, but "Mommy and Daddy don't want to think of their child as a sexual being because that might mean they're growing up, and thus Mommy and Daddy are OLD!"

It's all fun and games until we see parents demand their senior year of university student only hear about how babies are formed if a married mommy and daddy love each other very much, then they'll hold hands and wait for the stork to arrive.

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Sex Ed is mandatory in English schools, parents no longer have the right to remove their children from the lessons (for the reasons you state).

The new guidance is just to ensure that what is taught is both age appropriate and not controversial. So six year olds will be learning about the difference between friends, family and strangers and about Pantosaurus, 10-11 year olds learning about reproduction and puberty etc.

I mostly teach 8-9 year olds, so that’s mostly safeguarding, who to talk to if you’re feeling unsafe and the differences between family. Fairly tame stuff that doesn’t involve biology or genitals or declaring one’s pronouns.

This is come about because some schools apparently brought in outside companies and organisations to teach their sex Ed and went full 72 genders and six year olds need to know about rimming and were refusing to show parents what they were teaching their kids as they were “commercially sensitive”. Groomers wheedled their way in, essentially.

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Okay then, that is the way it should be.