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There’s also the issue that the kinds of Troon that talks about genital preferences is absolutely unfuckable by man or beast, possessing both physical hideousness and the kind of personality that makes other people yearn for death rather than interact with them.

The fact that gay rights organisations have gone along with the genital preference line of argument is shocking.

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Pretty sure that gay rights orgs have long since been coopted by people more interested in the money and the power that they can lay hands on than the actual cause of gay rights. And those people will (obviously) back whatever loosely related cause will lead to more of what they want. So any sort of dissonance between what they should be supporting and what they actually are supporting is ignored or addressed with a shrieked "STFU, bigoted homophobic transphobic Nazi/fascist scum!"

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Some of us prefer people with genitals.

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I'd seriously like to ask these gay rights organisations if genitals(or biological sex)has nothing to do with same sex attraction then how do they define homosexuality then?Cause no matter how hard they try to be trans inclusive they can't win without taking consideration for those who don't identify as trans and are gnc.

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Your problem here is that you think the snarts have any standard except "I want to have sex with anyone I want to have sex with, and if anyone rejects me they should be punished". Yes, they would say all of those questions, as long as the snart wants to sleep with them.

If there's one thing to cause the peaking of these ones, it's that after decades of saying how rotten, how entitled, how reprehensible they were, and how consent was the most important rule in the world and to ignore it was the worst thing a human could do, the woke decided to let the incels have their way because they wore a spinny dress when they asked for it. THAT is the real question that needs to be asked that isn't: If a transcel is told they're owed sex for being trans like they demanded, and if to count as trans is as simple as saying "it wouldn't break me up if you use 'they' for me as well as he, even if I'm mostly he/him", then eventually it gets to "well, if the line for being trans and thus the world owing you sex or a relationship is THAT low, then by logic the cis incel who doesn't say the magic cheat code has the right to say they are entitled to sex or a relationship too, and it's the object of their affection's moral imperative to take one for the team and give them the sex they want, just like people are told to do for trans people."

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the whole "cotton ceiling" talk was what split me from the newest cohort of "trans" (spoiler alert, it means women's panties): it's like the college students into HAES, it's never about getting the heavier guy a date, it's about someone overcoming "fatphobia" to date THEM

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Thank you, it's the same here.

As a man who isn't lucky in love and knows, ultimately, that I'm nothing special- I can respect it when people choose better men than I am. I mean, they have something that the person wants, and it's nothing to be mad about if someone's choice isn't you. But when the most rotten of the incels, the ones where calling them a piece of shit would be an insult to shit, are able to cloak themselves in trans rights as their cheat code to go from the bottom to the top of Oppression Olympics in order to change the struggle for equality to their single issue "someone let me get my pee pee wet", openly say this is their plan- and they're not only allowed to get away with it, but society bows and demands people give them sex and a relationship because now they're an accepted idpol group...well, now it makes me start to think "What about me?"

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I think incels took the whole "the hot girls always go with the smug douche" and just stopped at "smug douche"

another factor is the common momism that "you're good enough as you are"--so if a pretzel-stick-armed goon with no hobbies, social graces, or idea of what they want in life gets rejected ("rejected" = "stood in corner of the room saying nothing for 3 hours and glaring at everyone, so mistifyingly girls weren't literally throwing themselves at me"), that means there's something wrong with everyone ELSE

for further reading,

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I'm on a low incel-rhetoric diet, so I wouldn't look at the website, but it is the case.

Ultimately it ties for all the people doing the incel rhetoric of any gender/sexuality: If you want to be loved by a certain person, then you have to be the type of person that that person would want to love in return. If you're an ugly, unpleasant human to be around, and you're aiming for the hottest people on the planet...the odds are you're not going to get one outside of pity [and in all likeliness you're such a wretched person that you're beyond pity], money [and in all likeliness you could have Jeff Bezos money and it wouldn't work], or the prospect of US citizenship [and in all likeliness even someone stuck in a country where a genocide is being committed would choose to stay there over being your mail-order bride.]

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it's Elliot Rodger's pathetic "manifesto" remade as a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, it's actually hilarious (except for the deaths) how much of a failure of a living organism he was: the first page is him BAWWING because someone took the first slice of his 3rd birthday cake, an act which he never forgot or forgave; being thrown off a 10-foot cliff after trying to do the same to college girls is also delightful

(also he gets murderously angry at losing the lottery despite having bought so! many! tickets! and unashamedly tallies how often he cried over the phone to his stepmom to get money)

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Okay then, that works a little easier.

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The fact that gay rights organisations have gone along with the genital preference line of argument is shocking.

For decades the LGBT_ movement has quietly been financed by the ever so psilent "P" demographic.

The Pedophile 'elites'. Old money.
And they have recently made their presence known.

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The fact is it's just far more simple than it's made out to be. Humans have SEXuality. They are heteroSEXual or homoSEXual or biSEXual. That's it. All the stuff about gender, identity or expression, is just fluff which might slightly modify the attractions.

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Gender ideology is incompatible with the concept of sexual orientation.

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When I see an attractive woman, then as you might expect from a straight man, it tends to elicit some form of positive mental cascade of sexual thoughts.

But when I see a tranny, it's the opposite. Even if they've made themselves as unmistakably feminine as possible, it's no good. Every fiber of my being is sickened and repelled at even the most vague notion of intimacy with them.

So assuming my experience is pretty average for a man, then I'm guessing it's not just the aesthetic and performative traits of a woman that men are attracted to, it's also the knowledge that she is a real woman. You gotta check all those boxes or we just aren't interested. I imagine it's similar for other sexes and orientations.

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I'm a lesbian and when I see a tranny I have much the same reaction. Every fiber of my being screams that something is wrong and there is a threat. Until a few years ago I would push those feelings down and "be nice" (never dated one of course) but now I don't even bother. I avoid or sneer. And that's even for the "passing" ones.

On the other hand, there's a lot of transmen that are just stuck at being cute butchy girls, that I do feel some kind of attraction to because everything about them is still 'woman'. Obviously even if I think they're attractive I avoid them too because they're batshit or dealing with stuff I just do not need to have in my life, but the rules of attraction don't change.

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The funny thing is that there was a poll i saw that was taken a year(maybe two)ago that showed that more lesbians are willing to date a trans man than a trans woman and the trans people on reddit were complaining about it."Gee it's almost like biological sex still matters and no one cares about gender identity."Also saw that only 11% of lesbians were willing to date a trans woman.I seriously am curious as to how many gay people truly support the "trans women are women and trans men are men" narrative yet wont date a trans person that was the opposite sex.

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What are the odds most of that 11% of lesbians were actually transbians. Because it was either that or they are lying. Because even the bisexual women who would be attracted to a transwoman are few and far between. The only women who have sex with transwomen are the women who married a man who transed years into the marriage and she's still stuck on loving the man she married enough to try and go along with his new identity.

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Yeah sometimes I'll see one of those nonbinary girls and think, "she'd probably be drop-dead gorgeous if she stopped trying to look like a pseudo-male". It's a shame what this social contagion is doing to people who might've otherwise turned out normal.

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When I see an attractive woman, then as you might expect from a straight man, it tends to elicit some form of positive mental cascade of sexual thoughts.

I used to do that all the time also. That's just the male sex drive / biological imperative. Makes it hard for men and women to be friends. Also I understand why some f2m and even some lesbians want to avoid that attention. It might be cool if only attractive awesome people eyefucked you, but it's not...

Women have issues with this too. They don't have the reputation for it, but they absolutely do it too.

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I live in a pretty gay neighborhood, and have gay friends. They are ruthless when it comes to this shit. They are disgusted by pussy. A lot of them hate gender bullshit as much as anyone. Hence you have an organization like Gays Against Groomers.

None of the people I've met use abnormal pronouns. It's always been common to refer to drag queens by female pronouns while they're in drag, but male pronouns when not in drag. Drag queens never claimed they were actually women, it was always more of a cabaret performance.

Gender ideology, the idea that you can actually be the opposite sex or some insane made up gender is brand new and I think a lot of homosexuals are starting to realize that it's incompatible with the acceptance of sexual orientation.