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Yeah, who would’ve guessed that ramping up the rhetoric about existential threats amongst a population that is extremely prone to autism and personality disorders would have consequences! Pikachu shock face!

However, all I suspect will happen is a bunch of self-pity and pandering by the usual suspects.

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Seriously. The media has been choosing to ignore the overtly violent threats and imagery directed at women for years now, and accusing anyone who points it out as 'anti-trans'.

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The shooting yesterday was a false flag by the deep state right to discredit trans gun owners

Haven't you seen the jk Rowling book where the deep state pre-warned us about trans killers.

Obviously they knew this was going to happen or else they wouldn't have put out the warning in the media, to condition everyone to accept that trans people are killers.

Such an obvious false flag by the globalists to disarm trans Americans and discredit their movement

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Just so everyone knows, the above is a paid poster trying to disrupt our conversations on this site. Click the "block user" button above and disengage.

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Block and disengage.

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So you can't see this message, right?

Which is a shame because I am directly CALLING YOU OUT as a shill for the anti-2nd amendment disarmament industry

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lol oh you aren't being sarcastic - that's funny.

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Explain why the media has been preparing people for years to believe that a trans mass shooting is coming? You can't.

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Wait, he gets paid to do that?? Can I do that too? Seems like stupidly easy money!

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Stop trolling.

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You can't explain why they've been planting info in the media for years, and all the other anomalies.

It's logically inexplicable - there's no other possible logical outcome here.

It's the globalists coming for trans peoples' guns so they did a false flag. Don't be a sheeple. The globalists want to end the second amendment so they can put Americans in camps.

You can look up operation gladio or northwoods. They do this all the damn time. They fake mass casualty attacks as a problem, control the reaction, and present the solution.

You can see it if you open your eyes. They've been planting info in the media about a coming "trans killer" like billionaire, fake trans man Galbraith who has been pushing the trans killer image.

The globalists have to tell us upfront what they're going to do, so that we implicitly accept our fate.

They want to disarm trans Americans, it's in the wikileaks, it's in agenda 21 and the red contagion document. We've got the white papers.

The only sensible patriotic way to subvert the globalists plan, is to not go along with their plot to make you hate trans people, like dipshit OP.