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All I see is people so desperate for validation they have to pretend they're getting it from fictional characters.

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Pretty funny shit article.

"The game creators say specifically he's not gay. But actually uh he is, cause they said he's "eccentric" and that means queer!"

"This game is great because it has crossdressing, also the crossdressing is transphobic so this game has failed the trans community"

Fucking lol. Everything is gay. Like there's even a rainbow in the game. How the sky is queer coded.

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Everything is queer and I'm such an ally I cry when I'm fucking straight cis birthing person.

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I don't know how they think they can get a way with queer washing this horrid game where a patriarichal toxic male who solves problems with violence needs to save a helpless damnsel as if feminism has taught us nothing in order to get rid of the ancient entity cloud of color that overthrew the patriarichal monarchy ruled by some old white guy I order to populate the land with pre-colonial tribal societies that just want to go around hunting and living sustainably in their skull houses while occasionally fighting off the white male oppressor that occasionally wanders into their territory to plunder their loot.

I mean really. This game is horrible! If you play it you are basically Hitler.

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Holy shit, they even groom digital characters.

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Maybe show an example of Link being gay instead of a beautiful Hylian woman wishing to visit Gerudo Town, Polygon 🙄

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They are just floating the tired heterophobic argument that everyone who isn't a stereotypical buff dude interested in football and beer is gay.

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I'm not so sure about this Polygon, I think they would like this to be true. In Japan straight dudes who look like fruitcakes are often just metrosexuals, its some weird thing. If he was an American character he'd clearly be gay looking like this, but with the Japanese I doubt it, I mean gay marriage is still illegal in Japan. There is no fucking way Nintendo made a homosexual hero character in the 1980s, these people are delusional

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Nah it's a rag.

I'm laughing my ass off at some of the pretty insane takes in this. It's basically the 2006 internet fangirl yaoi shit reading everyone as gay regardless.

You also gotta love the subtext of them never being happy. "We want queer representation"

Ok here's a quest where you can cross dress.

"Nooooooo it promotes violence against trans women and is deeply problematic!"

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They follow the legend of the timeless queer icon Oscar Wilde, in the form of "the one thing they hate more than not getting what they want is getting it."

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Video Games news sites have advertisers that can be targeted.

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If it took 23 years for this crap to kick off then then that turns this into a stretch that Mr Fantastic is jealous of.

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"We want more gay!"

Ok. Here's a bunch of stereotypically gay characters most everyone likes because they are fun!"

"No no no! Not like that! That's horrible! That makes gay people all look like a joke! We want normal people who are gay."

"Ok here's a completely normal character that isn't flamboyant in any way who is gay."

"Noooo that character is straight coded we don't want that!".

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Pretty sure The legend of Zelda was predicated on a boy hero's quest to save the princess Zelda.

Doesn't get much more hetero than that.

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They made him look gay starting breath of the wild. I can't tell if he's male or female when he has his shirt off.

He should have a buff toned male body since he's always fighting and lifting things developing muscles

They did it on purpose. Stop buying zelda

zelda also has tons of masonic symbolism

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there’s also a distinct absence of hyper-masculine imagery like you might see in Red Dead Redemption or even Metroid, wherein male heroes are either super muscular or tall and wiry, and their costumes emphasize their bodies.

Samus from Metroid is a woman.... Am I not getting something here?

They can choose to queer the game after completing this quest by adding more femme clothes to Link’s wardrobe, which unlock in multiple colors once you enter the town, and donning them as often as they like.

The Gerudo drag outfit's stats sucks ass. Nobody would want to do this.

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Samus from Metroid is a woman.... Am I not getting something here?

Lol yeah it's totally bonkers. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any human characters in a Metroid game beyond Samus.

I guess you could claim that Samus is rocking the American linebacker toxic masculinity vibe. Lolol.

The Gerudo drag outfit's stats sucks ass. Nobody would want to do this.

Yeah I remember there was some NPC selling them all like "buy a set in each color"

Yeah um no thanks. I prefer not to die when sneezed on.

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I don't remember the dick-sucking side quest. You'll have to refresh my memory.

Because otherwise if it doesn't exist, this is just weird sad projection onto a fictional character whose undeclared identity is the whole POINT because it allows anyone to identify with him. Definitively coding him as one thing excludes people who aren't that thing, quite ironically so.