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South Park HAS made good trans episodes...

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Yeah, but Mrs. Garrison--a porn-addicted degenerate man--definitely isn't what the TRAs want people to picture when trans are mentioned :D.

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Don’t forget that he destransitioned too.

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There was also a good episode about what a lesbian is early on, maybe the first season.

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Gotta love it when a South Park fan takes issue with the target of the show’s humour after guffawing along to all the other targets.

I loved it when South Park targeted X but they better not make fun of my Y, that’s not fair!

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I continue to hold out hope that the show mocks everyone (more or less) equally. Stone and Parker seem to understand that sacred cows are bad no matter who they belong to.

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In addition, they know when it's 'you give them an inch, they'll take a mile.' To these people, "trans issues" is one of those. Even if they did it right, they'd demand a regular character who's a trans girl, and they'd demand her have one of the four main characters as a boyfriend, and they'd demand all four fight over her, and they'd demand that character be the new main character of the show...

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And no misfortune had better come to them or else! It’s like how the people who were really happy there were gay characters in House of the Dragon lost their shit when one of them was killed…as if that and worse never happened to the straight characters. There was some real tantrums thrown over that happening.

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Completely untrue; there's a pre-approved list of socially acceptable misfortunes to come to their same-identity baby. After all, you also can't show the character having no misfortune in their lives and being a happy, well-adjusted, idolized creature above the pathetic wrecks either...they have to suffer the accepted adversities so the people watching remember that they're supposed to be miserable forever for being born as part of this identity, that they have no hope of happiness in life, and they must grow old and bitter, filled with nothing but hate at their majority for plotting against them to make sure they had a wretched life.

After all, if you don't make all your media talk about how being a member of this group is so horrible that it's impossible not to be miserable forever if you're in the group due to how the world is rigged against you, then people might not be filled with hate towards their "other", and we can't have that, can we?

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they already showed they will not mock the mohammedan as hard

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In fairness though, his fanboys' tendency towards using Allahu Ack-boom or a Truck of Peace as a rebuttal probably has something to do with that.

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Allahu Ack-boom


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One of the early-ish episodes got banned for having a depiction of Mohammed in it. Muslims sperged out and did as the religion of peace often does, which prompted the higher-ups to censor/pull the episode.

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Honestly this person is so fucking stupid, for a variety of reasons. They seem to be a part of the group that is hell bent on woobifying South Park to take out all of the bite the show has to make it more palatable to their fetishistic tastes. They all want to date cartman for some reason, despite the fact that the show explicitly shows that when cartman DID date a girl he was incredibly manipulative and emotionally distant from her, making her a female version of himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t watch the show, outside of the episodes that lined up with their points of view.

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It's mostly those that are obsessed with Tweek and Craig and have a yaoi addiction.Like literally when one of the new episodes was about ChatGPT and stan and wendy,immediately some of the responses where"OMG Creek will be in it".Even in episodes that have nothing to do with relatioships these fans hope for crumbs or little scenes of them being together.99% of these creek fans only started watching the show because of tweek.They were never south park at all, and would stop watching the show if at some point they broke them up.

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It’s always the fucking weirdos who flock to shows where the point flies all the way over their heads huh.