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"I don't understand - she identified as a professional figure skater!"

Legit funniest thing I've seen in a long time

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I've been identifying as a multi-millionaire all week, but my bank balance hasn't changed yet :(

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How detestable must that guy be? Like, he knows he can’t fucking ice skate. But he was narcissistic enough, and the league was condescending enough to put this clown in the spotlight to make a complete asshole of himself, with all the grace and skill of a clogged toilet.

Just imagine what must have gone through his mind. “I’m gonna dress up in this ice dancer’s dress that always turned me on as a kid, and I’m gonna ice dance like a pretty pretty princess in front of a cheering audience because I’m so stunning and brave!”

He was so far up his own ass that he likely never stopped to think for one second that, “oh wait, jerking off to the Nagano Olympics doesn’t make me an actual ice dancer.”

This shit has to stop. It’s fucking disgraceful that we’re expected to take shit like this seriously, and frankly, it’s a slap in the face to the actual ice dancers who devoted their lives to you know… dancing on ice.

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Is this meant to be Finland's answer to Mr Bean? Because it being intentional comedy is the only way I can explain this that makes sense.

The line from that Key & Peele MMA sketch has been coming to my mind a lot recently "If you've got an actual crazy person for me to fight that's not fair on me. Or him". I just don't see how pandering to someone and building them up to the point where they end up somewhere they have no business being resulting in public humiliation does anyone any good (well except for the comedy value)

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I half suspect it's intentional manipulation of public perception, like that one MtF lifter in the Olympics who supposedly stuffed his lift on purpose to "prove" that he (and, by extension, other MtF cheaters) didn't have an advantage over real women.

Get someone MtF out there, have them put on a sloppy-ass performance, and obviously that demonstrates that they're competing on the same level. Then the next one comes through and utterly shatters the event, but they're clearly not doing so on the physiological advantages of being man, because so-and-so's performance earlier demonstrates that MtF don't have any such advantage, right?

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The look on his face is definitely one of ”I think I’ve made a terrible mistake”.

Oh and that Key and Peele MMA sketch is up there with the Mitchell and Webb “Are we the baddies?” and Dave Chapelle’s “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?” sketches.

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I just don't see how pandering to someone and building them up to the point where they end up somewhere they have no business being resulting in public humiliation does anyone any good (well except for the comedy value)

Some of these characters are immune to humiliation.

They are too preoccupied with looking fabulous on the ice.

Today might be the day that they meet a charming young prince who will sweep them off of their feet...

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My aunt went to the hospital this week and they gave the job of calling out people's names in the waiting room to a black girl with a terrible stutter. The mangers thought they were being kind and encouraging but the girl was actually completely humiliated. My aunt says the girl was on the verge of tears the whole time she was there.

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I haven't skated in like a decade and a half and I'm sure I could put on a better show than that. That's sloppy.

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I was watching the woman who went to help him up. She doesn't make eye contact with him and she has a strained look on her face. I've helped people up who have fallen when skating and I always make eye contact and look at them with concern/say something nice/make a joke to diffuse embarrassment, depending on who they are/if they seem shaken/how I know they'll take a joke. There was none of that in her interaction with him. She just looked like she is acting under duress and doesn't really even want to touch him.

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This is literally masturbation for him. No one wants to be near that.

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Judging by the flags, she's a representative of the same country and likely felt duty bound. There may have even been some directive beforehand, since it must have been obvious to everyone that this man was going to fuck up.

I would really have preferred that everyone ignore him and go about their business, rather than going out of their way and disrupting their own routine to physically lift him up. It really is analagous to the trans movment as a whole.

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Narcissists don't allow themselves to feel shame, they either repress it or project it on to others.

It's always been known that transwomen are mostly narcissists. However, events such as this show that most of people with power in the establishment are now also full-blown narcissists.

If you had organised this event and this was the result, you'd be ashamed to ever show your face in public again. Not these guys. They don't give a single shit. And they knew the guy, they saw the rehearsals, they knew exactly what this would look like on the day well before it happened. If you think it's shameful or ridiculous, as far as they are concerned, that's a you problem.

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That's it, I'm done, bye folks. I don't even want to laugh at it.

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It was meant to be humiliating. Not for the troon, but for the audience. Humiliation rituals are the ruling class’ favorite thing these days.

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that Iron Lotus is gonna end badly

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They chose a dude who sucks at skating so they can say "see? Transwomen don't have advantage in sports"