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Some of those words - enchaquirado, Thirunambi, Hijra, Mangmukhi - are just foreign terms to refer to trannies

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What up mang...? ..mukhi...

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I’m not gay, so happy to be corrected, but the gay dudes….they still love the cock, right?

Any gayers want to educate me on the cock and your attitude towards the possession and non-possession of said the cock?

Edit: I realise now, that some people might read my post in a particular way…shame on them.

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It is me your friendly neighbourhood homosexual. Yes gay men like cock. we also like balls. we dont like vaginas. If a man says they are gay and wants to eat pussy then they are heterosexual. I hope this has expanded your horizons like the gaping device i use to expand my asshole for my bull jerome. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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Yes but they decided that an app explicitly for gay men was being discriminatory for doing the thing it was designed to do so they started letting anyone on.

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ironically the radfems went after the unflamboyant gay men first (cis-hos?) as "doubly patriarchal," and only got kicked out of Tumblr when they went after trans women--yet most gays are still picked on by the painfully woke as "straight-passing" or whatever lets them justify themsleves

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Well, it's not as ironic as it sounds.

Everyone claims it's "Puritanism but make it woke", when it's much more likely to be "The crybullies have realized by now that they have no power over the people who truly do not give a shit about them and they never will, but they still like the chance to be the bully for once- so they're settling for bullying the people on their side even harder because those people have proven they'll listen and do the bully's bidding."

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it's interesting how the process operated like a star collapsing into an unobservable singularity--"straight" gays (and trans men implicitly) get thrown out for being mannish, then radfems thrown out for being transphobic; then the Black men got the boot, then white trans women, then Black people not in wheelchairs, then Black people for two-spiritsTM (until they were all outed as Pretendians), and then I forget, it's all a hot sack of rats

plus social media is narcissist catnip

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The Oppression Olympics, taken to its natural conclusion, becomes "we must find the single most oppressed human on earth and make them the God of this new world." As such, the real goal is "find what makes YOU that most oppressed person."

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Fantastic comment. This, 100%.

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7000 genders is hilarious.

Someone should create a gender aptitude test...

It's easy to formulate a test to separate the boys from the men...

But there needs to be a test that can separate the fleebles from the ouijamboos...

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Yeah... Fuck this. Grindr is for gay men, not 7000 flavours of tranny. And the main user base is gay men. If it becomes even more of a trans app, watch your user base flee the platform. As has happened with just about every lesbo place. Good thing gays don't take shit.

Seems to me this is a result of the app being Owned by straight people to whom gay and lgbtq+ mean the same thing.

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Well they opened it up to everyone so now you have a situation where everyone knows it's for gays but you have like 1-5% users who are on there just to be pests. The actual gay men on there started putting memes as their gender, partially to tell the people who aren't gay men to fuck off. It started slow but lately it's been more than half so I can imagine the al'queerida people on there were getting pissed.

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I was tempted to put my gender as something idiotic but ah well they removed that. I go for old dudes so I don't see a lot of gender goblins, but every now and then I see a dude in a wig. Question is, do they get any?

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There are some chasers on there, usually going for the very fem looking guys regardless of them being trans or not... But one thing to remember about autogynephiles is the literal definition of what they are. They are turned on by the idea of seeing themselves as women so they might not need to get actual hookups.

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One of the gay gender critical youtubers I follow is Mr. Menno in the UK. He does musical parodies. Here's his spoof of dudes with AGP, When I'm wearing dresses I touch myself:

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I'm a hairy bearded gay man and I put my gender as "Take a wild guess". And yeah, there are an increasing number of AGPs on there now. Not nearly as many as the lesbians have to deal with on their apps, but definitely more than there were a couple years ago.

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Have you gotten shit for it? There's def a few more around than it used to. Isn't there an app for trans and chasers that would yield more, I wonder...

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And the main user base is gay men

And underage gay boys, let's not forget Grindr is a pedo hotspot.

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Fuck grindr only desperate thirsty fuck boi faggots use it.

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I’ve never had so much fun reading woke shit.

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"Is it offensive to give a joke answer when someone asks you your pronouns?"

Yes but literally anything you say go a pronoun person will probably offend them, so the best practice is just to immediately ghost them.

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Call me Saaw Praphet Soong from now on. Don't have a fucking clue what this means but it sounds like an ancient god.