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Balenciaga threw the photographer under the bus for this, but I think it was their marketing department trying to be super edgy as that is their modus operandi. The whole brand iseems to cater simply for the instagram influencer and “celebrity” types anyway, their stuff is just expensive trash.

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Apparently they're trying to sue the ad agency. Which just makes it look like they have no overview over what they're putting out there. I guess looking incompetent is preferable to looking perverted

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If you are legally allowed and even forced to cut your child's penis off then how is r*ping them worse (Disclaimer, I'm not condoning pedophillia, I celebrated how Elon Musk nuked pedo accounts in Twitter.).

I was once drunk and talked to a liberal woman about "lgbt" rights. I told them that Greeks were not gay but pederast. Erostes (older man) and eromenos ( boy) would become lovers. She puked in disgust.

Gayness is rainbows and there is 0 pedophilia involved...

1970s US they busted a nationwide pedo ring after pederast serial killers Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy were busted (check doc Clown and Candyman). Every client was a homosexual. Every. single. one.

They had a register of clients who wanted to have sex with boys, police confiscated it and it was "magically" lost.

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Not sure what dancing bears they're talking about, but some are certainly not about pedos as they are the Grateful Dead dancing bears - which of course LEO (law enforcement officers) are happy to bust.