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There's no such thing as a trans brain, that's a prevalent "science myth" akin to humans only using 10% of our brains or souls weighing 21 grams, these things are simply not true.

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Yes, i know.I'm just saying that on the off chance there was a trans brain that it's still not possible to change someone's sex and probably won't be for like the next 500 years or so.

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Even if it was found that somehow, simply for the sake of argument, that women’s souls were being put by accident into male bodies, and vice versa, the only ethical course of action would be the same course of action that is taken for anyone with an untreatable congenital defect. You help them come to terms with reality and accept their bodies for what they are with counselling and psychological care.

The world we live in is very strange. Simultaneously, we have people claiming that we should just accept morbidly obese people and alter the world to accommodate them without them having to do anything themselves (fat acceptance) and then we have the people who are claiming to be the wrong sex demanding access to surgical and endocrine interventions to alter themselves rather than just accept reality. Seems to me the people pushing the philosophy behind all this have a consistency problem.

The trans children thing is nothing more than adults looking to use children as a prop for their born this way argument and clout thirsty parents. There is no basis for interventions in children other than psychological monitoring (for safeguarding).

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There is one way, black magic, which is why they are so upset that wizard supreme J.K Rowling used the blue bird of unhappiness to put out a spell of repelling propelling them to burn their arcane tomes.

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Don't care. If you've got a cock and balls, you're not entering the girls' room. Simple as.

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Nah, if you ever had cock and balls. I don't care if you got it removed.

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This is the result of 'science' and technology being used to fill the void that religion used to fill in people's lives.

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No it isn’t.

It’s the result of the rejection of science and logic by a philosophy that views them as tools of the male, white, western hegemony. The creep of postmodern philosophy and critical studies has brought us this shit show, it’s nothing to do with there not being enough Jesus.

Normies are utterly unequipped to deal with rogue “experts”, they are used to experts describing reality and so when “experts” describe fantasy as reality, normies have an aneurysm and go along with it. The push to encourage greater College and university attendance has some blame too, as a lot of sub-par intellects ended up in academia.

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I didn't say Jesus.

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You know they meant religion in general

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You guys both missed my point.

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I think what they meant isn't that they should find religion, but that the natural tendency of all people to subscribe to some sort of higher belief/metaphysical truth about the world has projected itself onto the sciences in absence of where it would usually go. Now we find people "believing" in the faith of a hypothetical magic science the way they used to a god or gods. It's not far from what you said. Your observation is simply how they negotiate the sophistry of discarding the hard truths of science.

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This guy gets it.

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The trans brain study didn't control for homosexuality, so it was simply picking up gay men - the trans individuals were HSTS.